Lovestruck in the City Episode 17 (finale): Hong Su-zu kisses SHINee’s Minho

In this special and final episode of Lovestruck in the City, called Winter, Midnight, Seoul, our six main characters gather for the first time to thank all the viewers who listened to their stories and followed them around, while going about their daily lives in the busy city.

However, it’s not them who takes center stage in this episode but SHINee’s Minho and rookie actress Hong Su-zu─together showcasing a romantic tale many people will get to experience at some point in their lifetimes.

Eun-oh’s first love is Kang Geon

“What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘first?’” Rin-yi (So Joo-yeon) reveals that the word reminds her of her first love aka ex-boyfriend Kyung-joon (Kim Min-seok). Sun-young (Han Ji-eun), on the other hand, gets surprised when she realizes that she hasn’t met hers yet despite all the guys in her life. Jae-won (Ji Chang-wook) says the word makes him think of his first kiss, Eun-oh (Kim Ji-won). The most shocking revelations, however, come from Kang Geon (Ryu Kyung-soo) and Eun-oh. Geon says he met his first love in kindergarten and hints that she could be either Rin-yi or Eun-oh. Meanwhile, Eun-oh shares that her first love is Geon because he looked a little handsome in middle school. That means, Geon and Eun-oh, the best friends slash housemates are each other’s first loves!

Lovestruck in the City Episode 17 Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won

Actress Hae-na escapes from film set

While meeting up with a client to discuss a campaign to promote Korean cultural heritage, Eun-oh meets rookie actress Hae-na (Hong Su-zu) and ends up saving her from her leading man, who is verbally assaulting her for having no experience with kissing. Eun-oh also smuggles Hae-na out of the set when the star suddenly hops into her car and pleads for help.

Lovestruck in the City Episode 17 Hong Su-zu

Officer Oh Dong-sik is “The Handsome”

Looking extremely brave while chasing a thief, Officer Oh Dong-sik (SHINee’s Minho) is nicknamed “The Handsome.” Only, his title is short-lived as he was actually telling the truth about not having any experience in relationships before. It turns out that he and Hae-na know each other, and the actress has been running away from work to sneak into his house. After sharing tteokbokki and playing video games, Hae-na asks Dong-sik if there’s anything else he would want to do with her, to which he responds, “Shall we watch a movie?” With that, he gets downgraded to “The Handsome Good-for-Nothing.” If only he had used his brain instead of asking why she keeps texting despite her busy schedule, he wouldn’t have been branded “The Useless.” In his defense, though, he did thank Hae-na for coming and celebrating his birthday with him.

Lovestruck in the City Episode 17 Choi Min-ho

Hae-na asks for one minute of Dong-sik’s life

As Hae-na is about to return to the film set, she asks Dong-sik for one whole minute out of the estimated 42 million minutes in his lifetime. After he obliges, she goes straight into getting her first kiss from him. Dong-sik tries to stop her, but she insists on taking no less than a minute of his time and kisses him again. Is she a kiss thief? Well, he technically gave that minute to her, but what is Dong-sik’s deal with pushing her away, though? Hmm. Is this the smell of Lovestruck in the City season two in the air?

Lovestruck in the City Episode 17 Hong Su-zu and Choi Min-ho

To bid this amazing series a proper farewell, we’d like to thank Eun-oh, Jae-won, Rin-yi, Kyung-joon, Geon, and Sun-young for showing us realistic urban stories of brave love and genuine friendship. We have definitely cried and laughed with these characters while also learning through their experiences! We hope all six of them find the happiness they are destined for.

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