Lovestruck in the City Episode 15: The camera thief unmasks herself

Lovestruck in the City episode 14 left us all with a heart-fluttering scene─Lee Eun-oh (Kim Ji-won) and Park Jae-won’s (Ji Chang-wook) heated confrontation that ended in a passionate kiss!

This episode, It’s So Hard to Get Honest, gives us some of the most bittersweet endings, hopeful beginnings, and biggest reveals that we have seen in the series so far.

Eun-oh drives Jae-won insane

Lovestruck in the City Episode 15 Ji Chang-wook

After the kiss, Jae-won naturally believes that he and Eun-oh are now ready to let bygones be bygones and start on a clean slate. However, he is pushed to the brink of insanity when Eun-oh reveals that she regrets the kiss and also fishing out his ring, because even though she still likes him, he is not her priority at present. With all that she went through in her past relationship, Eun-oh has committed to only live for herself. She chooses to become a horrible woman rather than go back to the clueless girl she was before. Extremely mortified, Jae-won goes past being angry and vows to take revenge on Eun-oh for playing with his feelings.

Giving and finding closure

Lovestruck in the City Episode 15 Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won

Jae-won calls Eun-oh and asks her again if she really regrets meeting him. Unlike her previous statements, the marketer confesses that she does not. In fact, she loved every moment that she spent with him and was grateful for his affection. She desperately needed to be loved at that time, and he gave her exactly that. However, she’s at a point in her life where she would like to find her true self and know what she is made of.

Eun-oh confesses to hating her old self but still does not know who she really is, so taking care of herself is more important than loving him. She then returns the cameras to Jae-won to finally give their relationship a proper closure. Respecting her decision, Jae-won also hands back her suitcase and wishes her good luck. After he leaves, Eun-oh finds the necklace with the golden padlock pendant inside her suitcase, the gift Jae-won never had the chance of giving her until now.

Sun-young lets go of Geon

Lovestruck in the City Episode 15 Ryu Kyung-soo and Han Ji-eun

After many failed attempts, Oh Sun-young (Han Ji-eun) bluffs to Kang Geon (Ryu Kyung-soo) that she has successfully located his place and asks to see him outside. Only, he finds her a few blocks away, teaching troublesome kids a lesson about cigarettes. They then have a serious talk inside a pop-up food tent where Sun-young tells Geon how special he is to her. However, she has finally decided to let him go. She decides not to visit him every time she misses her mom and to pull through on her own. She ends their relationship for good. Although the two are clearly heartbroken, Sun-young reaches out to bid Geon a final goodbye, and he accepts.

The camera thief unmasks herself

Lovestruck in the City Episode 15 So Joo-yeon, Ryu Kyung-soo, and Kim Ji-won

Kicking off her journey of finding her true self, Eun-oh gathers Geon and Suh Rin-yi (So Joo-yeon) for what they refer to as a “lighting a candle” session—where one of them lights a candle to talk about something important while the other two just sit and listen. This time, Eun-oh tells her childhood best friends that she is both sorry and thankful for all the concern that they had for her when she disappeared for three months without a word.

She then confesses that she is Yoon Seon-a, the thief who stole Jae-won’s cameras. According to her, it has been so hard to tell the truth, as she did not want Jae-won to know how stupid she was before she met him, but her friends don’t think the same. Rin-yi and Geon assure her that they both love the old, kind-hearted Eun-oh as much as they do the expressive, new version of her. Genuine and caring friends sure are a rare treasure not everyone is blessed with!

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