Lovestruck in the City Episode 12: Kim Ji-won becomes Yoon Seon-a

In episode 11 of Lovestruck in the City, Park Jae-won (Ji Chang-wook) attended the barbeque party at Lee Eun-oh’s (Kim Ji-won) rooftop. He introduced himself as if he had never laid eyes on her before, let alone loved her. Surprised but seemingly relieved, Eun-oh goes along with Jae-won’s act.

Episode 12, That’s How I Became Yoon Seon-a, delves deeper into the incidents that made Eun-oh desert her own identity to adopt that of a stranger.

Jae-won demands an explanation from Eun-oh

Lovestruck in the City Episode 12 Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won

Refusing to take any more of Jae-won’s cold remarks on her fake identity, Eun-oh goes inside her house to simmer down. However, Jae-won turns this into an opportunity to finally confront her about the lies, only to get turned away. He demands to know why she can’t tell her friends about them, why they broke up the way they did, and why she hid from him even when she heard from Choi Kyung-joon (Kim Min-seok) that he had been desperately looking for her. Eun-oh is caught off-guard by Jae-won’s bluntness and struggles to find the right words. He misinterprets her silence as indifference and compares her to Seon-a, the outspoken girl who made her thoughts known even in unfavorable situations.

Sun-young’s epic palm blast

Lovestruck in the City Episode 12 Han Ji-eun and Kim Ji-won

Eun-oh bumps into Oh Sun-young (Han Ji-eun), who is on her way to see Kang Geon (Ryu Kyung-soo). During this coincidental and comical meeting, Sun-young shares that she is unable to get over her ex-boyfriend Geon, only because he once told her that even if they break up, she could visit him anytime she misses her mom. She then asks if Eun-oh likes Geon, too, to which Eun-oh says yes, but only because Eun-oh and Geon are close friends. Unconvinced, Sun-young threatens Eun-oh with her powerful palm blast—then proceeds to place her palms together, turn back, and fire them towards Eun-oh. Did we already mention the two ladies are drunk?

Eun-oh reminisces about her tragic past

Lovestruck in the City Episode 12 Kim Ji-won 1

Eun-oh thinks back to the painful events that pushed her to escape reality, and we finally get an insight into her story from her own point of view. Her life had spiraled down when she visited Busan to be with her fiancé but caught him cheating instead. When confronted, he had blamed her for being too boring and said that he fell out of love with her. As if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, Eun-oh had then learned that her company had decided to hire another applicant named Yoon Seon-a because she was full of vigor, determination, and fresh energy whereas Eun-oh was too ordinary.

How Eun-oh became Seon-a

Lovestruck in the City Episode 12 Kim Ji-won 2

We learn that every time she gets drunk, Eun-oh hops on a bus because it reminds her of the time she was the happiest—the summer she met Jae-won. Back when she had lost everything, she took the bus and wound up at Bin’s Surfing and Ra-ra’s Ramyeon. There, she had ordered a bowl of wonton mein instead of ramyeon because she was determined to be anything but ordinary. She had asked Bin (Lee Sang-woo) and Ra-ra (Park Jin-joo), the owners of the shack, if she could work there, to which they had agreed. When they asked her to give them her name, Eun-oh had been thinking of Seon-a, and how badly she wanted to be as carefree as her…and so she became her.

To inject some spice into the melancholic tone of the episode, it ends on a total shocker. Of all places, Eun-oh wakes up in Jae-won’s house! The only awful thing here is that we’ll have to wait until next week before we see how on earth she ended up there. I can’t wait!

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