‘Lovely Horribly’ records lowest Kdrama rating in 2018

KBS2’s ongoing horror romance drama titled Lovely Horribly has broken a new record, but it is something that the network would not be proud of. The 25th episode of the series which aired Monday night posted a nationwide viewership rating of 1.0 percent, the lowest rating ever for a primetime free-to-air drama so far this year. It broke the record of MBC’s The Great Seducer whose lowest-rated episode obtained 1.5 percent.

Not only did the series break the record of The Great Seducer, but it also unseated Manhole: Feel So Good from having the lowest drama rating since 2017. Lovely Horribly’s rating of 1.0 percent is lower than Manhole’s record of 1.4 percent, making its 25th episode the lowest-rated free-to-air drama episode since last year.

The low rating, however, was not recorded under normal circumstances as viewers in South Korea have celebrated the Chuseok holiday on September 24. Chuseok, one of the biggest and most important holidays in Korea, is scheduled from September 23 to 25, with the actual Chuseok day falling on September 24. Usually, Chuseok causes a temporary disturbance in the status quo of television ratings. In fact, last year, the holiday brought down the ratings by up to 43 %. This year is no exception, as both Lovely Horribly and its rival 100 Days My Prince suffered from a significant drop in ratings. 100 Days My Prince already surpassed 7 percent last week but its episode yesterday recorded only 4.4 percent. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the drops in ratings during the 3-day holiday do not necessarily imply that some viewers did not watch because they already lost interest in the drama.

Lovely Horribly Ratings Episodes 1-26

Last week, Lovely Horribly pulled in 2.6 and 2.9 percent for its 23rd and 24th episode, respectively. Due to Chuseok, the ratings went down to 1.0 and 2.2 percent (26th episode), lowering the already poor average rating of the series which stands (as of last week) at 4.2 percent.

Lovely Horribly tells the story of a screenwriter (played by Song Ji-hyo) who can see ghosts and suffers from fear as everything she writes subsequently happens in real-life. She is bound by an unusual fate to a top star (Park Si-hoo), and when they work together for a TV series, mysterious things start to take place around them.


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