‘Love Alarm’ official trailer, main poster released by Netflix

With two weeks to go before its highly anticipated world premiere, Love Alarm has released its official trailer and main poster that give fans more details about the story it wants to tell.

The original Netflix Korean drama, which is directed by PD Lee Na-jeong of Fight For My Way and set to be released on August 22, is about a female high school student who finds herself at the center of a love triangle involving two of her schoolmates that is made complicated by an innovative mobile application. The app, which is aptly called ‘Love Alarm’, notifies its users whenever someone in their vicinity have romantic feelings for them.

The three leads—Song Kang, Kim So-hyun (center), and Jung Ga-ram—take center stage in the poster, which seems to show the attraction between Song Kang and Kim So-hyun being observed by Jung Ga-ram with a jealous expression on his face. Similar to the first poster, this one points out the love triangle between the three main characters.

Love Alarm poster featuring Song Kang, Kim So-hyun, and Jung Ga-ram
Love Alarm poster featuring Song Kang, Kim So-hyun (center), and Jung Ga-ram.

However, based on the recently released official trailer (below), the teen romance drama is not just all about the love story of these characters. The 2-minute video opens with Kim So-hyun (Radio Romance, Mung Bean Chronicles), who plays the role of an ordinary high schooler named Kim Jo-jo, narrating that “it’s a world where you can’t hide your feelings of love.” She is referring to how Love Alarm has affected the public at large, and then enters a series of scenes showing how the mobile app works—people can send to and receive from others an “alarm” using the app as long as the users involved are within a 10-meter radius from each other’s location.

Jo-jo is asked about how many times her Love Alarm went off and her phone’s screen displays a notification from one person. “The moment he rang my Love Alarm, I felt this buzzing sensation throughout my body,” she says.

The next scene introduces Song Kang‘s (The Liar And His Lover) character, Hwang Sun-oh, a popular rich kid who has just transferred to a new school but is already receiving a number of Love Alarm notifications on his phone. His best friend Lee Hye-yeong, played by Jung Ga-ram (Mistress), comments on his popularity saying, “Gosh. Right from the first day.” Sun-oh then asks about Hye-yeong’s own experience with the app, to which Hye-young replies that “mine will ring like crazy if I download” it. Despite the app’s popularity, it seems like Hye-yeong has yet to install Love Alarm on his phone.

Jo-jo continues to narrate about her life being an uphill struggle for her and says that she will continue to stay cheerful and strong. According to previously released character descriptions, she lives with her aunt who does not like her, so she has been putting up with the way she is treated at home while making sure this does not affect her at school.

The next scenes reveal more about Sun-oh and Hye-yeong’s friendship, with Sun-oh stating that when he was having a hard time, Hye-yeong was there for him. Sun-oh is apparently a rich kid who is deprived of love and attention from his parents.

Sun-oh starts to have an interest in Jo-jo and wonders if her Love Alarm is turned off since his app does not ring when she is near him. Hye-yeong notices the two getting closer with each other and is asked by Sun-oh about his real feelings for Jo-jo. “I’ll answer your question if you answer mine,” Hye-yeong replies.

While the first half of the trailer shows the good side of the mobile application, the second half gives a glimpse into its negative implications for the society, particularly for the young users. Jo-jo is confronted by someone whose Love Alarm didn’t ring because of her. Some students are fighting and beating someone, which is followed by a controversy that is reported on TV and got the police involved. People are protesting and a woman’s voice-over is saying: “Love Alarm simply lets you know who is attracted to you. It does not guarantee your safety or happiness.”

“If only Love Alarm hadn’t been launched back then, I wonder what we’d be like now,” Jo-jo ponders about the app. Hye-yeong answers her question by saving a seat for her and giving her coffee, remarking that this is what people used to do before the app was released. Despite knowing that his best friend Sun-oh is in love with Jo-jo, Hye-yeong begins to show his feelings to her and declares that the choice is up to her now.

Love Alarm‘s trailer ends with Jo-jo saying “I’m off to face my feelings head-on” as her phone rings to let her know about the two people who like her now.

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