Love Affairs In The Afternoon Episode 9 Recap

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As Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) and Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB) lay in bed next to each other, Ji-eun muses about how anxious they are despite the sweet moments they just shared.

Turns out Young-jae (CHOI BYUNG-MO) had only imagined walking in on Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) and Ha-yoon kissing. The two are still by the beach. Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK) says that they should stop seeing each other and asks Soo-ah to go back home to her kids.

On her way home, Ji-eun is extremely distressed. Young-jae arrives home to find Soo-ah back and with the kids. Ha-yoon thinks about the breakup while gazing at the ocean while Soo-ah breaks down while doing dishes.

It seems like Jung-woo is trying to bring up divorce with Min-young (RYU ABEL), but she steers the topic towards registering their marriage instead. Ji-eun gets a text asking her to come to the vet. She finds Yoo-na (PARK MIN-JI) waiting with her pet bird. Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON) arrives too, very worried about his bird but is distracted by the sight of Ji-eun and Yoo-na talking.

When Young-jae mentions the beach to Soo-ah, it sets alarm bells ringing in her head. She finds out from her daughters that Young-jae wasn’t with them at the fireworks festival. While looking for her phone, she discovers the tracker in her car. She visits the mart to use Ji-eun’s phone to call her number and discovers that Young-jae took her phone. She realizes that she has been caught by her husband.

The two visit a cafe to talk about Soo-ah’s predicament, where Min-young joins them. Min-young goes to order leaving her phone behind and gets a call from her husband. Both Ji-eun and Soo-ah note Jung-woo’s photo beneath the words “My husband” on Min-young’s phone. Shocked, Ji-eun leaves right away and Soo-ah follows her. Their sudden departure confuses Min-young. Ji-eun is crying so hard that she falls from her bike and Soo-ah lets her cry in her arms.

Young-jae discovers a suspicious text on Soo-ah’s phone and traces it to Kang-chul (OH DONG-MIN), who tells him that Soo-ah was seeing several other men. A furious Young-jae remembers all the moments when it was apparent that Soo-ah was seeing Ha-yoon. Just then, Ha-yoon steps into Young-jae’s office.

Ji-eun is beside herself with shock after discovering that she has been having an affair with her friend’s husband. Soo-ah reminds her that there’s still time to resolve the situation. Ji-eun is heartbroken at the prospect of ending things with Jung-woo.

Soo-ah returns home to find Young-jae and Ha-yoon together. Young-jae points to Ha-yoon’s paintings of her, which he has put on display, and asks her if she knows the woman in the paintings. Soo-ah breaks down and says that she and Ha-yoon have already broken up. Ah-jin and Ah-reum return from school and are asked to go play in the park. Ha-yoon gets down on his knees in apology and promises Young-jae that he’ll never see Soo-ah again.

Worried because he hasn’t heard from Ji-eun in a while, Jung-woo texts her. Ji-min meets Ah-reum and Ah-jin in the park. When Soo-ah comes to get them, Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO) realizes who Ah-jin’s mom is.

Jung-woo is nervous and calls Ji-eun, but she doesn’t pick up. When Chang-kook tries getting close to Ji-eun that night, she shrinks back. He says he understands how she felt when he was the one avoiding her and promises to do better. Ji-eun prays that she doesn’t hurt her husband anymore.

Young-jae forbids Soo-ah from venturing out of the house and hires help for everything she used to handle before. Ah-jin seems to sense the tension between her parents.

Jung-woo receives a text from Ji-eun asking to end things between them, prompting him to visit her at the mart. Ji-eun asks her coworkers to tell Jung-woo that she’s not at work.

Young-jae approaches Bit-na (YOO SEO-JIN) to find a live-in tutor for his kids, and she asks Jeni to fill in. Soo-ah watches in a daze as help hired by Young-jae take over her house and the lives of her daughters. Meanwhile, Bit-na bangs on Ha-yoon’s doors and yells that she asked him not to get caught. Amidst angry sobs, she wonders why it had to be Soo-ah.

Ji-eun leaves work only to be stopped by Jung-woo, who has been waiting for her the entire time. She tells him to his face that she wants to break up and walks away, leaving him frozen in place.

Jung-woo follows Ji-eun to the park. Ji-eun puts on a cold face as she tells him that affairs don’t need a reason to end. To really hurt Jung-woo and make him hate her, Ji-eun spits that she’s bored of him. Jung-woo says that he will stop pursuing her if that’s what she wants. It begins to rain, and as Ji-eun walks away from him, she prays that they never cross paths again.

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