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Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) and Jung-woo’s (LEE SANG-YEOB) night at the hotel is interrupted by their spouses calling to ask when they’re getting home. Young-jae (CHOI BYUNG-MO), who has returned home early because Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK) left the meeting, interrogates Soo-ah about her whereabouts during the day.

Ji-eun feels guilty for returning late but Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON) encourages her to meet friends more often. He hugs her and apologizes for being cold. Meanwhile, a suspicious Min-young (RYU ABEL) too tries to check Jung-woo’s phone while he’s in the bath.

Ji-eun witnesses two women having a violent fight at her store, which Min-young attributes to one of them having an affair with the other’s husband. She tells Ji-eun of her suspicions that her husband is having an affair, too. Just then, Ji-eun receives a text from Jung-woo and realizing it’s from her ‘special friend,’ Min-young asks her never to date a married man.

Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) takes Ji-eun out on a salon date and the two women discuss how they use each other as excuses to meet their lovers. Jung-woo books tickets for a movie date with Ji-eun.

Young-jae inquires about Soo-ah’s plans for the day, and she replies that she’s checking out a flea market with Ji-eun. Young-jae comments about the two hanging out a lot lately.

Chang-kook meets his mom in the coffee shop near his office, who hands him a supplement for sexual health. Yoo-na (PARK MIN-JI) tries to act sweet with Chang-kook’s mom, which annoys his mom and leads Chang-kook to drag her out of the shop.

Ji-eun is nervous about meeting Jung-woo in a public place like a movie theater, which Jung-woo notices. At Ha-yoon’s house, he and Soo-ah lovingly read to each other. Jung-woo grabs Ji-eun’s hand when the light is turned off for the movie, and she responds by leaning her head on his shoulder.

Young-jae visits Chang-kook to inquire whether their wives have been hanging out. Chang-kook confirms it and hands him an invite for a fireworks festival. Meanwhile, Ha-yoon and Soo-ah have a lovely date hanging out at flea markets and feeding each other local food.

Bit-na (YOO SEO-JIN) shows Young-jae Ha-yoon’s newest paintings, which are inspired by the same woman. In one piece, Young-jae spots the earring that he gave to Soo-ah. Bit-na notes his expression and seems to know what he’s thinking. Young-jae goes through Soo-ah’s jewelry at home and finds the earring missing, while Bit-na thinks back to seeing that earring in Ha-yoon’s house.

Soo-ah returns home to see her jewelry box tampered with. Young-jae asks her to go to the fireworks festival, which she turns down citing plans. He volunteers to take the kids anyway. That night, he thoroughly inspects her car and turns on her tracker.

Ji-eun is thinking about her date with Jung-woo when Chang-kook starts to criticize her for being careless lately, especially with regards to taking care of his pet bird. She apologizes, then goes to hide in the bathroom and thinks about how she’s created both hell and heaven in her life, simultaneously.

Min-young surprises Jung-woo by showing up at his school. He introduces her to the Principal, and Min-young proceeds to ask the guy to fire Jung-woo so he can get a better job. Embarrassed, Jung-woo drags her away.

Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO) regales Ah-jin with stories of fighting 18 people at once until Soo-ah comes to pick her up. Ah-jin asks her mom why adults cheat and if she is happy, making Soo-ah nervous. Ha-yoon sends her a message saying that he’s already missed her.

Min-young asks Jung-woo to take her to the fireworks festival but changes her mind. They fight about Jung-woo’s method of teaching, which is focused on the love of learning, while Min-young prioritizes grades and degrees. Jung-woo asks if this is why she lied to her coworkers about him getting a PhD. Min-young accuses Jung-woo of not being into her anymore and decides to spend the weekend at her parents’ house. Jung-woo watches her leave, but a cute text from Ji-eun perks him up.

Jung-woo texts back to ask if Ji-eun wants to go to the zoo. They meet the next day with gifts for each other—his, a replica of the bird she lost, and her, cute headbands for the two of them. They spend a lovely day at the amusement park.

Soo-ah and Ha-yoon are heading somewhere in Soo-ah’s car. Young-jae is at the fireworks festival with his daughters when the tracker lets him know that Soo-ah is on her way to the beach. Young-jae leaves his kids in Yoo-na’s care, who is at the festival for Chang-kook. However, when Ji-min arrives, Ah-jin lies that he is her boyfriend and asks Yoo-na to leave them alone.

Young-jae spots Ha-yoon and Soo-ah, strolling arm-in-arm at the beach. Jung-woo and Ji-eun try holding hands in public, sure that they won’t know anyone at the zoo, but a group of kids yelling ‘teacher!’ startles them.

While taking pictures of Soo-ah and Ha-yoon, Young-jae spots them heading towards the campervans. Ha-yoon and Soo-ah fall into a passionate kiss as Young-jae checks every campervan to find them. As the fireworks go off, several things happen at once—Young-jae walks in on Ha-yoon and Soo-ah having sex, Chang-kook lets Yoo-na hold his hand, and Jung-woo hugs Ji-eun. Jung-woo and Ji-eun end the night in a hotel room together.

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