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As Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) and Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB) kiss in the forest, Soo-ah gets pulled inside the hotel room by the guy who slipped her his card when she went shopping. Ha-yoon rushes to get to Soo-ah, as she tries to stop the man from forcing himself on her. Ji-eun gets Soo-ah’s text and leaves Jung-woo to go to her aid. Young-jae calls Bit-na, who confirms that Ha-yoon is in his studio and only just stepped out. She takes photos of Ha-yoon’s paintings and seems to realize something.

As the man grabs her and reveals how obsessed he is with her, Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) cries that she never wanted this. Kang-chul (OH DONG-MIN) calls Ji-eun to tell her something about the store and she accidentally blurts out that she’s worried for Soo-ah and on her way to find her. Kang-chul says he’ll meet her at the hotel.

Soo-ah manages to lock herself in the bathroom. Someone rings the bell to the room. It’s Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK), who immediately grabs the man by his neck and rains punches on him. Soo-ah opens the bathroom’s door when she realizes it’s Ha-yoon. He notices the bruises on her and hugs her as she breaks down.

Soo-ah and Kang-chul notice a man running out of the hotel on their way to the room. They find Soo-ah crying in Ha-yoon’s arms. Young-jae (CHOI BYUNG-MO), who has been waiting in the hotel’s lobby, sees Soo-ah and Ji-eun leave together and second-guesses himself. Kang-chul clashes with Ha-yoon, inquiring about his relationship with Soo-ah while yelling that he loves her and can give up anything for her. Ha-yoon only pats him on the back and tells him he’s too young to give up everything before walking away.

Ji-eun wants Soo-ah to visit the hospital and report the man to the police, but Soo-ah can’t reveal her reasons for visiting the hotel and insists on going home. Soo-ah forbids Ji-eun from contacting her for the time being and feels sorry towards Ji-eun, Kang-chul and Ha-yoon for dragging them into the mess.

Bit-na (YOO SEO-JIN) interrogates Ha-yoon about the woman in his paintings. He asks if she really wants to know who she is, and she suddenly takes a U-turn, asking him to keep it a secret till he dies. At home, Soo-ah inspects her bruises and thinks about Ha-yoon coming to her rescue. Young-jae asks where she went with Ji-eun and proceeds to mock women for having frivolous interests.

Jung-woo gets startled by Min-young (RYU ABEL) while on the phone with Ji-eun. Ji-eun, too, drops her phone in shock and guiltily thinks about how they are fools for choosing a long path of unhappiness for a brief moment of happiness.

Ji-eun spends the next day at work waiting to hear from Jung-woo and stopping herself from texting him first. Jung-woo, too, checks his phone after classes, hoping to hear from her, but it’s Min-young who texts, saying that she’ll have dinner with friends. Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO) visits Jung-woo to return the larva he was supposed to look after and makes a caustic remark about Jung-woo’s affair again.

Min-young bumps into Soo-ah staring at the poster for a ballet recital and remembers that Soo-ah used to do ballet. She wants to go out with Ji-eun and Soo-ah but Soo-ah excuses herself, saying she has to be home early.

Unable to wait, Ji-eun visits Jung-woo’s school to see him. Jung-woo sees her, and they head to a bus stop, sitting apart and texting each other to avoid talking in front of Jung-woo’s students. Jung-woo notes that Ji-eun’s phone screen has cracked and realizes that she must have dropped it on the day they got startled by Min-young. Just as he types that he doesn’t want to cause her trouble and asks if they should stop, Ji-eun texts that they should establish rules instead. As Jung-woo gets on the bus and Ji-eun bikes away, her voice narrates that they made rules for calling and texting each other knowing full well that the price of having an affair will be severe.

Ji-eun gets home to find Chang-kook’s mother discussing their sex life with her son. She considers leaving but ends up bumping into something and making her presence known, leading to an embarrassing encounter with Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON) and his mother.

Soo-ah reads bedtime stories with her daughter and ignores a call from Young-jae. While having a drink in his studio, Ha-yoon thinks about Bit-na asking him to take the secret of the woman in his paintings to the grave.

Soo-ah visits Ha-yoon to apologize for that day, but he just walks away in anger. He comes back to scold her for being reckless, and she bursts into tears, admitting to going to the hotel despite knowing that he wasn’t the one who called her, simply because she missed him so much. She turns to leave, but Ha-yoon holds her back and kisses her.

Kang-chul announces he’s quitting his job at the mart and thanks Ji-eun for helping him. He bumps into Soo-ah on his way back. She thanks him for coming to her aid at the hotel, but begs him to never visit her again.

It’s Yoo-na’s (PARK MIN-JI) last day at work, and Chang-kook sadly watches her say goodbye to the staff before grabbing her stuff and announcing that he’ll drop her to the bus stop. She leads him to a coffee shop right in front of his office instead, announcing that she got hired there.

Ha-yoon receives a text from Soo-ah, asking him to go accompany her to the ballet recital. At the same time, Young-jae texts to inform Ha-yoon of a meeting on the same day with the author of the book he’s illustrating. Ha-yoon declines Soo-ah’s invite, much to her disappointment. She texts back that she won’t cancel his ticket and wait for him.

An excited Yoo-na meets Chang-kook with his morning coffee as he heads to work. Chang-kook appears embarrassed for a second before turning away and smiling.

Jung-woo invites Ji-eun to go to a firefly festival with him, in Busan. Ji-eun tells Chang-kook that she’s spending a day with old friends. He asks her to have fun and not worry about him, which only serves to make her feel guilty for lying.

Soo-ah gets dressed for the ballet recital and wonders if Ha-yoon will come. Ji-eun and Jung-woo share earphones and hold hands on the bus to Busan. When the bus goes through a tunnel, he surreptitiously kisses her in the dark. They paint the picture of a happy couple as they feed each other in restaurants and play games at the festival.

As Ha-yoon sits in a meeting at Young-jae’s office, he can only focus on the ballet recital. After waiting for him till the last minute, Soo-ah eventually gets seated in the auditorium. When the lights go out, Ha-yoon arrives and sits beside her, holding her hand. Over at his office, Young-jae is furious at Ha-yoon’s lack of etiquette.

Jeni mentions to Bit-na that the woman in Ha-yoon’s paintings looked like Young-jae’s wife. Bit-na shuts her down, saying that she looked like Ha-yoon’s first love. Young-jae visits Bit-na to rant about Ha-yoon’s crazy ways and says that he’s glad she divorced him. Bit-na suddenly brings up how young and beautiful Soo-ah is and asks Young-jae if he’s ever nervous about her. Young-jae tries to play it cool, but seems unnerved by Bit-na’s remarks.

Soo-ah gets emotional while watching the recital. Ha-yoon notes the tears in her eyes and hugs her close. Ji-eun and Jung-woo venture deep into a forest and watch fireflies light up the night. Ha-yoon and Soo-ah, meanwhile, go on a ferry and watch the night sea in each other’s arms.

Jung-woo explains how the firefly takes about a year to grow from egg to larva but only shine for ten days. Ji-eun is sad at their short lifespan, but Jung-woo explains that they die at their most radiant. He catches a firefly for Ji-eun and watches her get excited about it before kissing her. Soo-ah leaves Ha-yoon’s embrace to dance out of happiness, as Ji-eun and Jung-woo kiss in a hotel room. Ji-eun’s voice narrates, “Even if the world throws rocks at me, I can’t give up this person.”

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