Love Affairs In The Afternoon Episode 6 Recap

As Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) takes Jung-woo’s hand, she feels as if she’s met her true self—a simple girl who is full of happiness. Soo-ah wakes up in Ha-yoon’s arms. Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB) tells Ji-eun that he visits the forest every Thursday between 3 and 5 p.m. to take notes for his biology classes, and if she’d like to join him. Ji-eun doesn’t say much and just smiles; Jung-woo says he’ll wait for her.

Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK) wakes to find Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) writing him a check and asks if she’s paying him for sex. She says it’s just an advance for the painting he’s making of her, but Ha-yoon is angry that she’s treating him like she’s treated the other men she’s had affairs with—by buying their discretion with money. He calls her out for always wearing a mask of being rich and happy. She tries to explain that what she felt for him was real, but Ha-yoon hands her the check and asks her to leave. In her car, Soo-ah thinks back to Ha-yoon tenderly putting on a Band-Aid over her cut finger and breaks down crying.

Jung-woo tries to make a conversation by asking about Ji-eun’s husband, but she turns serious and gives a vague answer about him being a hardworking guy. When she asks about his wife, Jung-woo gives a similar vague answer about his wife being a smart teacher. In a bid to thaw the awkwardness, Jung-woo holds her hand again. Ji-eun wonders if holding hands qualifies as having an affair, but then gives up puzzling over it because she’s had an affair in her mind a thousand times already. Jung-woo’s student, Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO), follows the two and takes pictures of them holding hands.

The next morning, Soo-ah’s daughters find her looking weak and worry if she’s sick, but their father is completely oblivious and orders Soo-ah around as usual. Ah-jin, the older, calls Young-jae (CHOI BYUNG-MO) out for this, but instead of worrying that Soo-ah is sick, he just asks her not to spread her flu to him and the kids. Ah-jin spits that if she had married someone like Young-jae she’d have left him long ago, leaving Young-jae surprised.

Ji-eun happily mulls over Jung-woo’s proposal to meet every Thursday while making an extra special breakfast for Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON), as an apologetic gesture for losing her temper. Jung-woo, too, makes Min-young (RYU ABEL) happy by dropping her to work and she remarks that she feels like a “proper wife.” Ji-eun tries making plans to go on an outing with Chang-kook and his mother, which he shoots down, and then leaves his breakfast unfinished when he gets a text from Yoo-na (PARK MIN-JI). Ji-eun muses that since she’s begun liking another man, she doesn’t even hate her husband’s lack of attention anymore.

Soo-ah obsesses over Ha-yoon saying she lives while wearing a mask. Ha-yoon’s ex-wife, Bit-na (YOO SEO-JIN), visits his studio to invite him to an exhibition at her gallery. Soo-ah receives an adorable video message from her daughters, asking her to see a doctor and get well soon. Overcome with emotion, she breaks down while crying out apologies to them. While leaving, Bit-na notices a woman’s earring among Ha-yoon’s stuff.

Min-young and Ji-eun try calling Soo-ah when she doesn’t turn up for the yoga class but are unable to reach her. Min-young and Jung-woo have dinner at a nice restaurant, where she casually comments that Korean women have changed a lot since she went to the States and see other men even when they are married. Jung-woo becomes nervous at that, but Min-young assures him that she only has eyes for him. She suddenly brings up wanting to try for a baby and suggest going to a hotel after dinner. Jung-woo looks less than enthusiastic at the prospect.

Jeni visits Young-jae’s office to personally invite him for the exhibition at Bit-na’s gallery. She sees one of Ha-yoon’s recent paintings, which has been brought in as a sample, and wonders who his muse is. Jeni flirts with Young-jae, asking for his ‘expert comments’ on her work and Young-jae flirts right back, saying that he’s available for her anywhere, anytime.

Chang-kook’s boss refuses to extend Yoo-na’s internship, so she asks Chang-kook to take her to a place of her choice for the farewell party. The place she chooses turns out to be a club. Chang-kook tries to leave but once on the dance floor, he lets go and has fun. He ends up bumping into none other than Young-jae, leading to a brief moment of awkwardness as they try to explain to each other why they’re at a club with women who are not their wives over loud music.

After waiting for Chang-kook, Ji-eun has dinner alone and thinks about how she doesn’t even mind if he doesn’t come home. Young-jae arrives home a little tipsy and informs Soo-ah that they have to visit Bit-na’s exhibition together. She’s reluctant to go until Young-jae mentions that Artist Do Ha-yoon will be there too. Ha-yoon lays awake thinking about his fight with Soo-ah.

Young-jae sees one of Soo-ah’s fancy bras and seems amused. Soo-ah has tea with Ji-eun and Min-young at her house to explain her absence. Min-young guesses that she’s heartsick for ‘Crazy Gogh’. Soo-ah advises Ji-eun to never love another man deeply, as Min-young notes with surprise that Ji-eun is seeing someone else too. Ji-eun is flustered and says they’re just friends.

Young-jae and Soo-ah arrive at Bit-na’s gallery and the two women exchange pleasantries. Ha-yoon arrives just as Bit-na is asking Soo-ah about her flu, and reveals that Ha-yoon was also sick. Jeni, who has been waiting for Young-jae, seems annoyed to see him arrive with a date. Soo-ah has a brief moment of dizziness in the party, leading Ha-yoon catch her from falling, but she jerks herself away from him. Jeni introduces herself to Soo-ah, remarking that she looks familiar even though they haven’t met before. She then proceeds to introduce herself to Ha-yoon as his fan.

Ha-yoon and Soo-ah spend the rest of the evening glancing in each other’s direction. Jeni seems to realize something as she observes them. After the event, Young-jae rudely asks Soo-ah to take a cab back home and Ha-yoon watches as she walks away. He tries to give her a lift but she walks away, announcing that she won’t be seeing him anymore and gets into a cab. She gets a text from an unknown number, asking her to meet at a hotel the next day. She texts back to ask who the sender is but receives no reply.

Jung-woo is staring at the pictures of Ji-eun on his camera when Min-young comes into his room, announcing that she’s ovulating. Jung-woo, however, bails on having sex with the excuse that he’s tired. The rejection stings her and she asks if he doesn’t want a child, but he dodges the topic by saying he’s not used to ber being around yet and awkwardly hugs her.

It’s Thursday, and Ji-eun looks positively radiant at the thought of seeing Jung-woo, so much so that she wishes every day was Thursday. She bumps into Min-young coming out of a chemist shop with a pregnancy kit. Min-young announces that her husband is excited for a baby and asks if Ji-eun has plans for a child. Ji-eun says she wants to take her time. Min-young wants to grab coffee but Ji-eun declines, saying she has plans. Min-young guesses that she has a date, getting Ji-eun all flustered and evasive.

The principal of Jung-woo’s school somehow has the pictures of him walking hand-in-hand with Ji-eun and scolds him for going around with a woman that’s not his wife, pointing out that it’s bad for the school’s reputation. Ji-min waits for Jung-woo outside the principal’s office, revealing that he was the one who took the pictures. Jung-woo casually replies that he should have said hi, which annoys Ji-min, who seems to be wanting to get a rise out of his teacher.

Ha-yoon’s painting of Soo-ah is decided as the cover picture of the book he’s illustrating for. Young-jae gets a text from Jeni, asking if Soo-ah was the muse for Artist Do’s paintings. Once Young-jae makes the connection, he can’t stop seeing Soo-ah in all the risque paintings. Jeni informs him that Soo-ah and Ha-yoon looked close on the night of the exhibition. Young-jae looks furious and storms out of his office.

An excited Ji-eun gets a text from Jung-woo, who cancels their plan, and it’s like her entire world stops for a second because she’s so heartbroken. Soo-ah gets ready to meet whoever called her to the hotel. She sends a screenshot of the text to Ha-yoon, wondering if it is him and lets him know that she’s going anyway. Ha-yoon’s worried expression is proof enough that he’s not the sender of the text. Young-jae calls Soo-ah to ask where she is. Soo-ah lies that she’s home, but he sees her leave in a car and follows her.

As Ji-eun leaves work, Chang-kook’s mom comes over to tell her about an exciting dream she had that could mean a baby is on its way. Already overwhelmed, Ji-eun yells at the woman that she can’t have a child with Chang-kook and begs her to stop mentioning it. Chang-kook’s mom hilariously turns up at her son’s office to ask him if he’s infertile, very loudly. Annoyed, Chang-kook reveals that they don’t plan on having kids and alludes to the fact that they don’t have sex, shocking his mother.

As Ji-eun returns home, someone zips past her, making her fall. She’s so frustrated she leaves her bike behind and walks away. Soo-ah notices Young-jae follow her to the hotel and manages to throw him off. Ha-yoon fixates over Soo-ah’s text even as Bit-na visits him, before grabbing his jacket and walking out in the middle of her talking. Soo-ah texts Ji-eun for help as Ji-eun wanders around thinking that it might be better to stay goodbye to Jung-woo for good.

Young-jae catches Soo-ah slip into the elevator and follows her. Ji-eun decides to walk to the forest where she and Jung-woo are supposed to meet. To her shock, Jung-woo is there, taking pictures as usual. She asks why he canceled on her when he was going to visit anyway and angrily turns to leave. Jung-woo hugs her from behind to stop her. Soo-ah urgently knocks on the hotel room she was invited to in order to evade Young-jae and gets pulled inside. When Ji-eun tries to get out of Jung-woo’s grasp and turns to confront him, he kisses her.

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