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The episode opens with Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK) and Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) passionately kissing in Ha-yoon’s studio. Ji-eun and Jung-woo are stuck in the rain and take shelter under a bridge. She brings her face close to his for a kiss, but Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB) suddenly pushes her away, much to her shock. He tries to apologize, but stung by the rejection, Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) runs away in pouring rain.

Soo-ah gets a call asking to pick her daughter up from school. Ha-yoon urges her to leave and announces that they should never see each other again. He watches Soo-ah leave from his window. Soo-ah gets to Ah-reum’s school, apologetic for being late and leaving her stranded in the rain.

Ji-eun returns home completely drenched only for Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON) to make a jibe at her. An overwhelmed Ji-eun ends up taking out her anger on him, leaving Chang-kook to wonder what’s up with his wife. In her room, Ji-eun cries thinking about how married couples live in close proximity while their hearts are far apart.

Jung-woo dazedly walks home in the rain. Min-young (RYU ABEL) spots him from inside her car and fusses over his state. When they get home, however, she notes that there’s already an umbrella in his bag—Ji-eun’s yellow umbrella that she left behind. Jung-woo stands under the shower with his clothes on, looking regretful.

Soo-ah reads Cinderella’s story to Ah-reum before bed. Ah-reum asks her mom if she’s also Cinderella, noting that Soo-ah’s only wearing a single earring. Soo-ah thinks about Ha-yoon, and he, too, sits in his studio thinking about her before noticing the earring she has left behind.

The next day, Soo-ah calls Ji-eun over for breakfast with her and the two women fill each other in about their affairs. Ji-eun announces that she won’t be seeing Jung-woo anymore, refusing to reveal any detail, but Soo-ah’s pestering wins and she ends up recounting the failed kiss. For her part, Soo-ah reveals that Ha-yoon also never wants to see her again and from how sad she looks, Ji-eun guesses that she really likes Ha-yoon.

Chang-kook’s mom brings in a wild sparrow to take the place of Chang-kook’s lost bird. Unsurprisingly, the birds don’t get along, making Chang-kook throw a childish tantrum and accuse his mom of scaring “his child.” Mom leaves, muttering darkly that she’ll never come back.

For an event at the mart, customers have to write out their wishes on post-its and stick them to a tree. Kang-chul (OH DONG-MIN), the guy who is pursuing Soo-ah, annoys Ji-eun by asking her to pass notes to Soo-ah. Min-young is struggling at the yoga class and silently admires Soo-ah, who looks like a pro doing the moves. After the class, the two get talking and Soo-ah reveals that she used to do ballet as they head to the mart below to meet their respective friends. Ji-eun sneakily writes her own wish on a post-it when no one’s looking—for ‘that day’ to please be erased from ‘that guy’s’ memory. Min-young and Soo-ah both call out to her together, surprised that they have a common friend. They proceed to write their wishes. Min-young wishes for her husband’s health, but Soo-ah calls her cliched and writes about ‘Crazy Gogh’ instead.

Young-jae (CHOI BYUNG-MO) is meeting his gallery owner friend and Ha-yoon’s ex wife, Ms. Kim (YOO SEO-JIN), when Jeni, the artist he tried to ask to dinner, shows up. Jeni trips and Young-jae rushes to help her, collecting her paintings and complimenting her. Jenny invites him to her studio to look at the rest of her work as Ms. Kim watches this exchange with amusement, calling Jeni a “sly fox”.

Min-young, Soo-ah and Ji-eun go out for coffee. When Min-young realizes Soo-ah’s post-it wasn’t for her husband, Soo-ah immediately lets her know that she sees other men. Instead of being weirded out, however, Min-young reveals that she dated a married man before marrying her husband. In a flashback, we see that the wife of said man had shown up with a gun at the college Min-young went to with Jung-woo. Jung-woo had saved Min-young by pretending to be her boyfriend, and she’d fallen in love with him then. Soo-ah coos at Min-young’s story and remarks that she just chose to marry a rich man for money.

Min-young returns home to find Jung-woo eating a store bought meal alone and gets annoyed, wondering why he makes her feel like a guest in his life when they were apart for only 3 years. Jung-woo points out that they’d been together for only a year before that. Min-young asks if Jung-woo still loves her, to which he’s silent for a long time before half-heartedly muttering an “of course.” Min-young goes to hug him and promises to put in more effort into their marriage but Jung-woo breaks free, leaving her standing alone in the kitchen.

Ji-eun reads a book about people who shouldn’t have met and relates it to herself and Jung-woo. She thinks back to their brief walk together at the park and promises herself to remember the good memory. The next day at school, Jung-woo gets called “two-faced” by his student Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO), who saw him with Ji-eun in the forest. Jung-woo stares at Ji-eun’s yellow umbrella and thinks of her.

Soo-ah bakes a cake for Ha-yoon, but he sends it back with the delivery boy, leaving her disappointed. It’s raining when Ji-eun leaves work and she ends up sharing an umbrella with Kang-chul, who uses it as an opportunity to talk about Soo-ah again. Jung-woo comes by to return Ji-eun’s umbrella. His expression hardens when he sees her with Kang-chul. He hands her the umbrella and walks away without a word. Kang-chul recognizes him as the teacher from the police station.

Young-jae is in Ha-yoon’s studio to take a look at his latest work and remarks that the woman in his paintings looks familiar, guessing that she must be his lover. Ha-yoon discreetly hides the earring Soo-ah left behind.

Ji-eun gets home and angrily stuffs the yellow umbrella in a cupboard. She finds the wild sparrow Chang-kook’s mom brought in the same cage with his bird, fighting, and rushes to shift it to a different cage, all the while thinking about how love can also be a form of violence.

Chang-kook finds his intern Yoo-na (PARK MIN-JI) drunk on the steps outside their office, all because she didn’t pass her interview. He buys her some hangover medicine and tries to comfort her as she cries about the botched interview. Suddenly, Yoo-na grabs his face and asks why he’s so cute, then pecks him on the lips and promptly passes out.

Jung-woo visits Min-young’s office to pick her up for dinner but happens to overhear her in a conversation with her coworkers, lying that her husband is in America. He turns back and leaves, stopping at the mart on his way, hoping to see Ji-eun. Kang-chul sees him and guesses why he’s there, informing him that Ji-eun isn’t in. A flustered Jung-woo blurts that he’s just there to shop, but Kang-chul points at the diapers he absent-mindedly put in his cart and confirms that he and Ji-eun are just coworkers.

Jung-woo sits in a park alone and proceeds to stare at Ji-eun’s contact picture instead of calling her. When he gets home, Min-young promises to cook him a nice dinner the next day. She goes to the mart to pick up ingredients and bumps into Ji-eun. They talk about Soo-ah and Min-young declares that she found it cool how Soo-ah confidently revealed that she has affairs. She muses that life is too short to stop searching for true love, but Ji-eun remarks that she’s just saying this because it’s someone else’s life.

Soo-ah can’t stop thinking about Ha-yoon to the extent of cutting herself while cooking. She feels tortured and runs out of her house. In his studio, Ha-yoon stares at yet another painting he’s made of Soo-ah and sports a similarly tortured expression. Affected by her conversation with Min-young, Ji-eun decides to go see Jung-woo, realizing that she’s missed him. Soo-ah arrives at Ha-yoon’s studio, surprising him. He notes her bloody finger and she hugs him, hard. They melt into a passionate kiss.

Ji-eun bikes to Jung-woo’s school but once there, loses the nerve to go inside. She sees him walking on a parallel road, separated by a fence. She throws stones to attract his attention; one of them ricocheting off the fence to hit her in the face. That gets Jung-woo’s attention, who starts laughing. He asks if she was hurt that day and she promptly denies, until he reveals he was hurt seeing her share an umbrella with another man. Ji-eun shyly admits that she was hurt too and Jung-woo apologizes before asking her to go on a walk with him. Ji-min watches them talk.

As Ji-eun and Jung-woo take a walk together through the forest, we see clips of Min-young cooking diligently for Jung-woo and Chang-kook working hard at office. Soo-ah and Ha-yoon are locked in a tight embrace. Ji-eun thinks about how she isn’t ready to be at odds with the world yet, but then Jung-woo holds out his hand. “I can’t turn back on this road with him,” Ji-eun muses, before taking his hand.

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