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As they look at each other longingly, Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) tells Jung-woo, “Sa-rang [Love]… flew away.” Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON) drinks himself into stupor and yells out apologies to his missing bird. Ji-eun searches for the bird until Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB) reminds her that it’s dark and she needs to go home. She hears a fluttering of a bird’s wings and runs in its direction, but ends up tripping. Jung-woo grabs her arm, then bends down to examine her knee, which is now bleeding. He wonders aloud why she is always falling around him. Mentally, Ji-eun berates herself for always looking weak in front of Jung-woo, wanting to come across as a cool woman instead.

A drunk Chang-kook steps out into the streets and yells for his bird to come back. When a neighbor spots him, he’s embarrassed and stops yelling. Jung-woo wraps up Ji-eun’s bleeding knee. She asks if he thinks Love will ever come back, and he’s silent. Ji-eun goes to Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) and informs her that Chang-kook’s bird flew away, and Soo-ah calls the entire thing crazy.

Ji-eun goes home only to have Chang-kook yell at her again. This time, she yells right back about how it’s good that his bird escaped this hellhole, and whether she lives or dies is up to her now. She leaves the house in tears and standing on the street, wishes she had wings too, so she could fly to the person she wants to see. Ji-eun’s mother-in-law arrives and hits her son for sending out his wife alone at night to look for a stupid bird. Chang-kook yells at his mom to not get involved in a couple’s fight.

Jung-woo comes across the picture of a bird like Love in a book and calls Ji-eun to ask if she got home okay. She lies that she did, but Jung-woo hears crickets around her and knows the truth. Ji-eun bursts into tears, and he stays on call with her while she cries. Min-young (RYU ABEL) arrives and notices him staring at the picture of the birds in Ji-eun’s KakaoTalk profile. Jung-woo says that he’s studying birds with the kids and his wife whines that she wants a kid too.

Soo-ah brings food for her husband’s employees, who are working overtime. Instead of thanking her, however, Young-jae (CHOI BYUNG-MO) spends the entire time she’s in his office, on the phone. Chang-kook visits Ji-eun at work to hand her missing pamphlets for Love. Soo-ah steps into Young-jae’s office to ask why he called her to the office, and he condescendingly replies that he did it to get her out of the house. When one of his employees hands her a book, Young-jae rudely remarks that a mere housewife has no need for books. Soo-ah quietly storms out. Chang-kook follows her out to tell her not to stay out late, and asks her to invite Ji-eun and her husband to a meal.

Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK) thinks back to all the times he saw Young-jae being rude and patronizing his wife at the housewarming party. Soo-ah spots Ji-eun pasting the missing pamphlets over their neighborhood and can’t believe Chang-kook would make her do this. Soo-ah jokes that husbands are like lottery tickets—you never get them right ever, making Ji-eun laugh. She helps Ji-eun with the pamphlets, and mentions that she saw books at Ji-eun’s house. Ji-eun reveals that she majored in Literature, and wanted to be a writer once. Soo-ah reveals that she hated books because her husband is a publisher, but now likes a guy who likes books. Ji-eun asks if the one she has saved as ‘Crazy Gogh’ in her phone ever called back. Soo-ah reveals that he hasn’t, but she’s scared that if he does, she might end up falling in love with him. She invites Ji-eun and her husband for lunch at their place. Ji-eun wonders if she should call Soo-ah unnie, making Soo-ah laugh at her request. “Her laugh made my world brighter,” Ji-eun narrates.

Ji-eun meets Chang-kook at his office and tells him that the neighbor helped her put up flyers, but a lot of people didn’t think they would find Love. Chang-kook replies that he, too, looked on the internet and found that the chances of finding the bird are slim. Ji-eun apologizes for losing her and Chang-kook apologizes right back, admitting that he was harsh to her. Ji-eun tries to comfort him as he cries and Yoo-na (PARK MIN-JI) watches them.

Young-jae goes to the gallery to meet Kim, his friend, but bumps into the artist he was interested in. She informs him that Ms. Kim is away and he makes a show of wanting to have drinks with her, before asking the artist if she would like to have dinner with him instead. She has plans and declines Young-jae’s offer. Meanwhile, Soo-ah drinks alone at a bar and wonders whether to call Ha-yoon.

Ji-eun wakes up at night to find Chang-kook sleeping on the sofa and brings him a blanket. She wonders how all of them—the birds, her, and even her husband—became so lost and lonely.

Chang-kook and Ji-eun have lunch at Soo-ah’s house. Young-jae announces that cooking is his wife’s best quality. He tries talking to Chang-kook about a few redevelopment projects in the area, but Chang-kook seems not interested. Soo-ah notes that Ji-eun has received a text. Guessing that it’s from Jung-woo, she brings Ji-eun with her to the kitchen. Ji-eun sees that Jung-woo has sent her a small note on the life and habits of the bird she lost. Soo-ah asks if Jung-woo makes Ji-eun happy. Ji-eun lies, and Soo-ah sees through her, but this time Ji-eun doesn’t mind.

Ms. Kim (YOO SEO-JIN), the gallery owner, visits Ha-yoon and we find out that she’s his ex-wife. Ha-yoon hates it when she barges in, but seeing him paint a woman’s figure makes Kim ask if he’s in love. Jung-woo’s student Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO) gets into a fight at school and while trying to stop him, Jung-woo takes a punch to his face. Min-young shows up at the Yoga class Soo-ah goes to and they get talking. Ha-yoon texts Soo-ah back with confirmation that he’ll paint her.

Min-young stops by Jung-woo’s school to drive him home, but the sight of his face sends her into a rant about him not getting a PhD and working at a substandard school. Jung-woo asks her to stop, and annoyed, she drops him off in the middle of the road. Feeling insulted, he walks to a bus stop. He gets a message from Ji-eun—an audio recording of birdsong, and it makes him smile. He listens to it throughout his commute back home and replies that he wants to see her the next afternoon at 3.

Yoo-na watches Chang-kook being miserable and goes to cheer him up. Ji-eun dresses up and puts on makeup for her meeting with Jung-woo. Soo-ah, too, gets ready to meet Ha-yoon. At work, everyone notes that Ji-eun has put on makeup and compliments her. She gets embarrassed and runs inside.

Jung-woo waits for Ji-eun in a park and appears stunned by how pretty she looks. She watches him take pictures of plants. When a bug gets on her skirt, she reflexively pushes it off her and tries to stomp over it, but Jung-woo protects it with his hands. She gets worried that she hurt Jung-woo and inspects his hand. He opens his fist to reveal the bug and they giggle over it.

At Ha-yoon’s studio, Soo-ah takes off her dress to reveal the slip she’s wearing underneath. Ha-yoon asks her to sit, and she begins taking off the slip, but he stops her and walks towards her to adjust her pose so he can begin sketching her.

While wandering through the forest, Ah-jin and Ji-min spot Jung-woo and Ji-eun on their date. Ah-jin recognizes Ji-eun and mentions her husband, and Ji-min observes that Jung-woo is just like everyone despite acting noble. Ah-jin matter-of-factly replies that all adults cheat and drags a surprised Ji-min away.

It begins to rain, and in a rush to reach the shelter, Jung-woo grabs Ji-eun’s hand and runs with her. Ha-yoon goes to put something on Soo-ah, but she holds his hands and presses a kiss to his lips. Min-young looks at Ji-eun’s profile picture in her phone and is reminded of the picture of birds she caught Jung-woo looking at. Jung-woo and Ji-eun find shelter. He notices that her shoes are untied again and bends to tie them up. In Ha-yoon’s house, he and Soo-ah kiss passionately. Ji-eun bends down to be on Jung-woo’s level and wonders if it would be okay to take a step closer to him. She makes the first move and brings her face within inches of him.

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