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Son Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) turns away from Jung-woo and runs home. Yoon Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB) walks to his apartment, thinking of all the times he bumped into Ji-eun—from the mart and the snack shop to the police station. When he gets home, his wife is waiting to surprise him. He notes that she’s put up framed pictures of them in the apartment. As they eat dinner, Jung-woo brings up registering their marriage in Korea, but Noh Min-young (RYU ABEL) is satisfied with their American marriage and doesn’t want to rush the registration. Jung-woo looks disappointed, so she gives him a hug and assures him that she won’t run away anywhere.

Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON) returns home a little tipsy, but remembers to ask Ji-eun if she took her medicine. He even offers her a massage, but Ji-eun declines, and muses that they’re like broken clocks who don’t match even once a day. Next morning, Chang-kook notes that Ji-eun is distracted while making breakfast. He tries to help, but ends up making a mess.

Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) stares at Ha-yoon’s sketch of a ballerina and reminisces about her days doing ballet. In his studio, Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK) concentrates on another similar sketch.

Soo-ah visits Ji-eun’s house to thank her for her help on the day of the housewarming party. She turns to leave, but Ji-eun invites her for tea. She opens up about how she thought Soo-ah was the happiest woman in the world, but Soo-ah says she’s both happy and unhappy depending on the situation. Soo-ah wants to know if Ji-eun has ever loved someone who’s not her husband. Ji-eun is immediately defensive, replying that her husband is her first and last love. Soo-ah thinks it’s sad that Ji-eun has already decided who her last love will be, and advises her to live while following her heart’s desires, because life is short. Ji-eun is annoyed that once again, Soo-ah has managed to read her.

Soo-ah goes shopping, and her attendant is a young man who slips her his card as she leaves. Ha-yoon visits Young-jae (CHOI BYUNG-MO), who offers him bonus payment in return for him doing the book. Ha-yoon isn’t interested in the bonus, but wants something from Young-jae that means nothing and everything to him at the same time. Young-jae is confused by the riddle but reluctantly agrees to give it to him, and Ha-yoon says yes to the project.

The guy who turned up at Soo-ah’s housewarming party—Kang Chul (OH DONG-MIN)—shows up to the mart as Ji-eun’s newest colleague. She’s shocked, and drags him away to ask what he’s up to. Kang Chul is still bent on pursuing Soo-ah. Ji-eun’s mother-in-law hears a horrific story about a woman who got caught having an affair and set her house on fire, which sends her panicking.

Jung-woo receives a text from Soo-ah, saying she wants to meet. Soo-ah then visits Ji-eun at the mart, asking her to be free at the same time she mentioned to Jung-woo. She sees Kang Chul at the mart, makes it clear to him that she’s not interested in him, and drives away.

Jung-woo gives Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO), his student, the larva of a beetle to take care of. Soo-ah gets her older daughter, Ah-jin, admitted to the same coaching classes Ji-min goes to and the two teenagers have a tense exchange. Ji-eun walks into a cafe thinking she’s meeting Soo-ah, but finds Jung-woo instead. He says that he was told she wanted to see him, and instead of denying, Ji-eun agrees. Jung-woo notes that she’s wearing the yellow sneakers he got for her.

Soo-ah visits Ha-yoon and asks him to draw her, which Ha-yoon rejects. She surprises him by asking him to draw her again, properly, as a client and reveals that her husband doesn’t know she’s meeting him. Ha-yoon still refuses, saying that he doesn’t find her beautiful, and calls her boring for making her intentions so clear. He asks her to leave and forget what happened. Soo-ah is angry, but regains her calm and leaves her number for him.

Ji-eun and Jung-woo take a walk together and she tells him about the birds her husband is raising. Jung-woo comments that her husband must be a nice person. He asks her to contact him if she ever has an issue with the birds, and to think of him as a friend. Jung-woo’s wife calls, reminding him of their dinner plans. Ji-eun heads home, and thinks about how her heart fluttered when Jung-woo offered to be her friend. Jung-woo watches her go.

Young-jae meets his friend, who’s a gallery director and also knows Ha-yoon, to puzzle over what the artist meant by “something that means nothing but also everything to him.” He’s distracted by a young female artist and checks her out, and his friend asks if he wants to support her.

Jung-woo and Min-young have dinner to celebrate her new job as a professor. She thanks him for sending her funds in the U.S and asks him to go back to school, announcing that she’ll support him now. He says he’s happy where he is, but she seems to think little of his job at the alternative school. She changes the topic and makes plans to register their marriage the next day, before remembering she has meetings. Jung-woo quietly says that he’ll do as she says.

Ha-yoon tries to focus on the book he has to illustrate for, then stares at Soo-ah’s number. Ji-eun takes pictures of the birds, hoping to show them to Jung-woo, while he drinks beer standing in his balcony and thinks of her.

The next day, Chang-kook’s mom reveals her suspicions regarding Ji-eun having an affair. Chang-kook assures his mom that even if all the women in the world cheat, Ji-eun could not. He proceeds to bluntly ask Ji-eun if she’s seeing a man. Next thing we know, Soo-ah is at Ji-eun’s house, thanking her for helping her cousin find her address and putting Ji-eun’s family’s doubts to rest. Ji-eun follows Soo-ah out and thanks her. She asks why Soo-ah set up a meeting for her and Jung-woo, and Soo-ah asks Ji-eun to freely experience love. When she leaves, Ji-eun thinks about how she’s not someone who can ruin her life for momentary happiness.

Yoona (PARK MIN-JI) catches Chang-kook looking at the ornate birdcage for his pet birds, and wonders if his wife is as interested in the birds as he is. Chang-kook replies that she isn’t and calls Ji-eun weird.

Min-young sees Ji-eun at the mart and recognizes her from high school. They catch up, with Min-young enthusiastically asking for Ji-eun’s number and making plans while Ji-eun is awkward. Soo-ah and Ji-eun have tea, and Soo-ah teases her by taking her phone and calling Jung-woo. Ji-eun manages to disconnect the call before he picks up. Soo-ah then hands her phone to Ji-eun, asking her to take revenge by calling Ha-yoon. Ji-eun does, but he doesn’t pick up, and Soo-ah says that she’s crazy for a crazy man.

Ji-eun returns home to Chang-kook accusing her of not taking care “the kids.” Ji-eun loses her temper and chastises him for not thinking of her even half as much as he thinks of the birds. When he addresses her as the birds’ mom again, she yells at him to stop calling her that.

Soo-ah waits for a call from Ha-yoon. Young-jae asks what she did all day, and when she says she had tea with their neighbor, he gets annoyed and asks her to hang out with more sophisticated people. She goes to her daughters’ room to kiss them good night, stares at their ballet shoes, and spends the whole night waiting for Ha-yoon’s call. In his studio, Ha-yoon stares at his phone, wondering whether to call.

Jung-woo notices a missed call from Ji-eun and calls her back, but Ji-eun doesn’t pick up. The next day, he sends her an audio recording asking how she is, which she listens to over and over, and thinks about how nice it would be if she could easily call him him up and talk to him.

Chang-kook receives the package containing the Taj Mahal-themed birdcage. While cleaning the cage, Ji-eun accidentally leaves the door open and the bird named Love flies out of the house. Chang-kook is shocked when she calls to inform him of what happened and runs out of his office like a madman while thinking about Ji-eun forbidding him to call her the birds’ mom. He yells at Ji-eun that she purposely did this, and asks her to go find “her” immediately. Ji-eun goes outside with a bird net. She wanders out in the sun calling the bird’s name—Love—and thinks about calling Jung-woo. Jung-woo appears, asking if she lost Love. As she stares at him, she thinks: Wouldn’t love, the heart-fluttering kind of love, come to her at least once in her life?

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