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After their stint in the hospital, Yoon Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB) offers to take Son Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) home in a cab. She reluctantly agrees. Jung-woo apologizes several times for his student’s behavior and promises to take care of her entire treatment. They exchange numbers and before leaving, Jung-woo informs Ji-eun that she has shingles, asking her to take care of her health.

Choi Soo-ah (YE JI-WON), who has been watching the two from her balcony, comes over as soon as Jung-woo leaves. Ji-eun can’t believe how brazen she is, egging her on to pursue another man even after Ji-eun caught her with another man twice. She asks if Soo-ah isn’t ashamed of what she’s doing. A nonchalant Soo-ah says she isn’t, and reveals that she meets men frequently on weekdays, between 3 and 5 p.m. She describes her escapades as a “meeting of the bodies, to recover from fatigue of life,” and sees them as no different from meeting a personal trainer. Disgusted, Ji-eun leaves, hoping she doesn’t run into Soo-ah again. Ji-eun is firm on her stance that infidelity is wrong, but a part of her is disturbed because of Soo-ah’s conviction in her actions.

Jung-woo’s wife calls to let him know that she’s on her way, but he appears not excited about the prospect of her coming back and instead stares at the bag containing Ji-eun’s broken heels.

Ji-eun is hanging clothes to dry when she sees Soo-ah having the sweetest interaction with her daughter, which has her tut-tutting at Soo-ah’s two-faced personality. She puts the lipstick she stole in the birdcage, lamenting that she doesn’t even have the courage to throw it outside. When Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON) returns and inquires about the neck brace, Ji-eun lies that she hurt herself at work. Instead of helping her rest, he proceeds to ignore her condition in favor of talking to his birds. Ji-eun stumbles to the bathroom and thinks about how caring Jung-woo is to her. She bursts into tears imagining how nice it would be to receive a few words of acknowledgement from her own husband.

Jung-woo tries talking to his student, Park Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO), about the car smashing incident. Ji-min reveals that he thought the woman in the car was his mom, and seeing her with another man made him act impulsively. He also reveals that Soo-ah and the man in her car lied about not being together. Jung-woo tries to convince him to apologize to Ji-eun for hurting her but Ji-min asks to be thrown in a juvenile detention center instead and saunters away.

Ji-eun gets an earful from her mother-in-law (KIM MI-KYUNG) for not taking care of her health. She’s flustered when she gets a text from Soo-ah, who wants to meet her at 3 that afternoon. Despite not wanting to, Ji-eun goes to meet her. On the way, she tries throwing away the shoes Jung-woo bought her, but changes her mind. Jung-woo visits a shoemaker to get Ji-eun’s heels repaired.

While Ji-eun is at work, Jung-woo messages her asking when she would like to collect her shoes and inquiring about her health. Ji-eun asks him to get rid of her shoes, but he sends a picture saying they look fine. Ji-eun is so flustered to be texting him that she messes up at work, making her boss to yell at her. She feels faint and begins seeing Jung-woo’s face in everyone around her. Overwhelmed and too weak to stand, she crouches down until a kind supervisor brings her to the break room to rest. She stares at Jung-woo’s texts over and over but finds herself unable to delete them.

Later, when Soo-ah sees Ji-eun at the mart, she hands her a hotel card and asks her to visit after she’s done with her shift. Ji-eun looks disgusted at the invitation but goes to the hotel anyway, wanting to know why Soo-ah keeps calling her. Soo-ah flips the conversation over, asking if Ji-eun is interested in ‘the teacher’ aka Jung-woo. Ji-eun denies this a little too loudly, and Soo-ah chooses to take her vehement refusal as a sign of affirmation. Ji-eun spits out that she’s not the kind of woman who sleeps around, but Soo-ah just points out that she’s wasting her youth and looks like a flower about to wither. Ji-eun turns to leave, but stops short when she sees Jung-woo arrive at the scene and realizes that Soo-ah called him.

They come to an agreement regarding the case with Ji-min. Jung-woo returns Ji-eun’s heels. Playfully, Soo-ah asks Jung-woo if he thinks an agreement is enough to wrap up the case, and when he asks what else she would have him do, Soo-ah asks if he would go on a date with her. Embarrassed, Jung-woo walks out of the meeting, causing Ji-eun to yell at Soo-ah and storm out behind him. Soo-ah notes that Ji-eun left the bag with her heels behind, grabs it and heads to a room in the same hotel where a guy pulls her inside.

Ji-eun passes Jung-woo taking pictures of flowers on her way and stops by to apologize, before leaving in embarrassment. She goes back again, and this time tells him the truth about how she was dragged into the mess that day. Jung-woo laughs and thanks her, and just like that, the ice between them thaws. We see Ji-eun sitting beside him as he explains the symbolism behind the flower he was taking pictures of. He leaves to go to the airport after receiving a text. When Ji-eun asks about it, he reveals that his wife is coming back. He notices her wedding ring and asks if she, too, is married, and she says yes.

At the airport, Jung-woo’s wife Noh Min-young (RYU ABEL) goes to hug him even before she greets her dad. On their drive home, Min-young is extra cuddly, despite the fact that her father is in the car with them, and Jung-woo looks like he’d like to be anywhere but there.

Ji-eun thinks about Jung-woo saying that he lives alone despite the fact that he’s married. She realizes that she’s reached Chang-kook’s workplace and phones him. Chang-kook is out getting coffee with Yoona (PARK MIN-JI), but tells Ji-eun that he’s working outside the office. They narrowly avoid bumping into each other.

Jung-woo has lunch at his in-laws’ place and they ask him to get a bigger house now that his wife is back. Min-young, on the other hand, wants to stay where they are because they might need to move to Seoul. Jung-woo looks less than happy at the prospect of moving away, and asks her to stay a few days with her parents before coming to live with him.

Soo-ah picks her older daughter up from school, with her mind still on the sex she had that afternoon. Her daughter is annoyed because of something at school and pointedly asks her mom to find her a math tutor.

Chang-kook and Yoona go to inspect the house of an old woman who assumes they are a couple and starts a conversation about when to have kids, much to their embarrassment. Ji-eun looks at pictures of the flower Jung-woo told her about, unable to forget Jung-woo’s soft voice explaining the symbolism behind it. She admits to herself that she was relieved after hearing that he was married too.

Soo-ah plans for a housewarming party for her husband’s colleagues. Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK) has finished reading the manuscript Young-jae (CHOI BYUNG-MO) wanted him to work on and thinks that it’s trash. He calls Young-jae to refuse the offer, but ends up being invited to the party at his house.

Soo-ah is shocked to see that the guy who found her at the mart has reached her door and frantically calls Ji-eun for help before Young-jae sees the guy. Despite ignoring Soo-ah’s call, Ji-eun steps up to cover for her when Young-jae opens the door to the man. Later, the man pleads with Ji-eun to help him pursue Soo-ah, and they end up being seen by Ji-eun’s mother-in-law.

Ha-yoon turns up at Young-jae’s house, and it’s Soo-ah who lets him on. Ji-eun realizes that she forgot the shoes Jung-woo bought her in her locker at the mart and goes back to get them. She sees her suspicious mother-in-law taking pictures of some cars in the area.

Soo-ah notes Ha-yoon sitting apart from the merry group at her house, preferring to sketch instead of drinking. She smiles when he bonds with Ah-reum, her youngest daughter, and makes him a special tea. One of Young-jae’s drunk employees stumbles into the room which Ha-yoon is in and causes a scene because he’s annoyed at him. When Soo-ah goes to intervene, Ha-yoon grabs her arm and tells her to let it be. He then announces that he won’t consider Young-jae’s proposal and leaves.

Jung-woo is surprised to see a photo of Ji-eun that he accidentally took among the photos of flowers. He gets a call from Min-young, who wants to celebrate a new job offer with him, but blows her off citing schoolwork. While cleaning up after the party, Soo-ah comes across the sketch Ha-yoon was working on and finds that it exactly matches a picture of herself practicing ballet.

Ji-eun bumps into Jung-woo, who is on his way home after blowing off plans with his wife. He notices that her shoelaces are untied and ties them for her. As Min-young visits Jung-woo’s apartment and muses that he doesn’t have a single picture of her amidst pictures of flowers, and Chang-kook hangs out with Yoona, Ji-eun compares seeing Jung-woo to falling in a swamp. She walks away, praying that she doesn’t fall into the swamp.

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