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Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) takes one last look at Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB) and thinks, “please don’t hold on to me any longer.” Jung-woo tells Min-young that he’ll do whatever she says as long as she doesn’t harm Ji-eun. Min-young (RYU ABEL) is incredulous that he’s still worried about Ji-eun, and asks Jung-woo to live his life in penance for the mistake he committed to her and their child.

In the car with Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON), Ji-eun once again begs him to let her go. He yells that they should die together, and begins driving rashly. Ji-eun tries to stop him by grabbing his arm. Chang-kook finally stops the car on the side of the road, sobbing angrily. Ji-eun wonders if he knows that before all this, she used to feel like she was an empty shell.

When they’re back home, Chang-kook tells Ji-eun that he’s been transferred. She asks if they really need to live like this, but Chang-kook has no intention of giving up the delusion of a stable married life. Chang-kook’s mom pretends that she thought Ji-eun was on vacation and treats her like before. Ji-eun is confused by her behavior. Chang-kook gets a call from Min-young, who tells him they need to meet in person to resolve everything.

Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK) returns to Korea and finds Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) waiting at the airport. He runs into her arms, even if Bit-na (YOO SEO-JIN) and the staff are watching. As they drive home, Ha-yoon tells her about work and explains how he lost the ring. Soo-ah says the ring isn’t more important than their love, as Bit-na takes out the same ring from her pocket and stares at it.

Min-young makes Jung-woo and Ji-eun sign a legal agreement stating that they won’t see each other again. If they break the agreement, they would be liable to compensate one billion won to Min-young. After the signing, as Jung-woo walks away with Min-young and Ji-eun with Chang-kook, Ji-eun realizes that what they had wasn’t love—it was just a dirty affair. At home, she tears the pendant Jung-woo gave her and breaks down, thinking that if she knew it would hurt this much, she wouldn’t have started it. Jung-woo, too, breaks down in sobs while packing up his stuff.

Ha-yoon smells the coffee Soo-ah makes and exclaims that he’s finally home. She tells him about what happened to Ah-ram, and he feels guilty for being the reason that things are difficult for her. They gaze at each other and wonder how long they’ll be able to stay together. Bit-na visits Young-jae (CHOI BYUNG-MO) and asks him to consider suing Soo-ah and Ha-yoon for compensation.

Yoo-na (PARK MIN-JI) visits Ji-eun and confesses that she loves Chang-kook, asking Ji-eun to leave him. Ji-eun goes to a park and mulls over Yoo-na’s words. She spends her days like a robot and likens herself to a bird whose heart has been taken away by an eagle.

Young-jae walks into his office to find out that the book he published with Jeni’s illustrations has been rejected by bookstores on account of plagiarism. Soo-ah receives a notice from Bit-na, suing her for compensation. As Jung-woo’s apartment is emptied out, he takes off the pendant Ji-eun put on him. Ha-yoon tries to convince Bit-na for a clean divorce, which she agrees to, but she refuses to withdraw the suit against Soo-ah. Ha-yoon says he’ll never crawl back to her, and she challenges him.

Ji-eun visits Chang-kook at work to convince him for divorce again, explaining that she can’t keep fooling everyone. He refuses, saying that she needs to be punished, but she says she’s already living in hell. Chang-kook walks out, and on the way, reminisces about their first meeting back in college, and how she had admired the lovebirds that he got as pets while on a date with him. Then he remembers how miserable Ji-eun has become.

With Min-young in the car, Jung-woo drives past the park he met Ji-eun at and thinks of her. Ji-eun passes by on her bicycle and happens to see Jung-woo and Min-young. She’s reminded of how she can’t live without Jung-woo anymore.

Young-jae is informed that the artist Jeni plagiarised from is planning to take legal action. Soo-ah sees the news about Young-jae’s publishing company trending and gets upset. Young-jae goes home exhausted and calls for Soo-ah to get him water, before realizing that she’s not home. He remembers how they had been a happy family and how badly he’d treated her, then pulls out a pair of earrings from his desk drawer. He’s transported to the day he’d seen a younger Soo-ah wearing them and doing ballet, and how mesmerized he had been.

As Young-jae stands in the balcony missing Soo-ah, he spots her passing by and runs downstairs to beg her to come back. He gets on his knees and apologizes for treating her badly, pleading with her not to abandon him and the kids. Soo-ah is stunned when he takes her in his arms and says he loves her, but can’t get herself to believe him. Ah-jin and Ah-ram come outside and ask their mom to not leave again and forgive their father.

Kang-chul (OH DONG-MIN) checks out photos of Ha-yoon’s art gallery and seems to think he’s having a good time while Soo-ah is suffering. When Soo-ah doesn’t return, Ha-yoon checks for messages from her. Kang-chul trespasses into Ha-yoon’s apartment and attacks him, blaming him for having ruined Soo-ah’s life. Kang-chul goes to hit him with the easel, but Ha-yoon breaks the impact with his hand and falls to the floor, writhing in agony. Kang-chul runs away.

Ji-eun sees Chang-kook off to work. He tries talking to her in a cheery voice, asking her to go out or eat good food, but she just looks tired. Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO) asks Ah-jin to taste the coffee he made for her. He reveals that he had his mom taste it first, then shares how he realized that she deserves to be happy and doesn’t resent her for her affair. He says that he’s planning to study abroad and become a barista, and asks Ah-jin to call him whenever she wants. They say their goodbyes, but Ah-jin mulls over his words for a long time.

Ji-eun has an awkward encounter with her ex-colleagues from the mart while on a grocery run. She goes through her daily life like a robot and eats a popsicle while standing on her house’s balcony, like we saw her do in the first episode. She finds the lipstick she’d stolen from the mart, the one act that had set the ball rolling on her becoming friends with Soo-ah and meeting Jung-woo, and starts to cry.

When Chang-kook can’t reach Ji-eun after calling her multiple times, he gets worried and rushes home. Ji-eun tries throwing out the stuff that reminds her of Jung-woo, but she’s struck by memories of him and screams in frustration and anger. Chang-kook desperately tries to find a taxi home. Ji-eun surrounds herself with candles and puts on the red lipstick in a daze. Thinking about how much she hates herself, she sets fire to the shoes Jung-woo bought her.

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