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Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB) brings Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) to his grandfather’s house in the hills and asks her to stay there for a while. They get calls from their respective spouses, but Jung-woo switches off both their phones and says that they should only think of themselves while there. As Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON) drinks alone, Min-young (RYU ABEL) cries in Jung-woo’s study, and Soo-ah and Ha-yoon sleep together. Ji-eun’s voice narrates that she knows her love is a pain for others but she can’t bring herself to regret it.

Jung-woo and Ji-eun sit under the night sky. When he asks if she had a hard time today, she nonchalantly answers no, then recites a poem about how the best is yet to come. She leans her head on his shoulder and thinks that even if this is her last night with him, she won’t regret how she got here. Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) sees Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK) off on his trip with a hug. On the flight to Europe, Bit-na’s gaze lands on Ha-yoon’s new ring and the smile is wiped off her face.

Ji-eun wakes up to find Jung-woo cooking her breakfast with vegetables from the garden and they eat breakfast under the sky. After failing to reach Ji-eun’s cellphone all night, Chang-kook tries calling the police but is interrupted when his mom comes to visit. He lies that he knows where Ji-eun is, but when he gets a call from Min-young saying Jung-woo also didn’t come home last night, Chang-kook’s mom catches on. Chang-kook and Min-young meet and decide to “take care” of the matter.

Jung-woo and Ji-eun go for a walk on the hills while holding hands. He recites a poem to impress her and calls her Writer Son, and she playfully hits him. The two lovers spend their days playing in nature and eating local fruit.

Ha-yoon’s exhibition in Europe opens to great reviews. Soo-ah cleans and organizes his apartment, sending pictures to him to say that she’s well. Ha-yoon sits through meetings, but his heart is not in it. While waiting for him to text back, Soo-ah reminisces about the happy moments they’ve spent together.

Chang-kook’s mom forces him to leave his bed and eat something. Yoo-na (PARK MIN-JI) shows up to his house with food, but it’s his mom who receives it and tells her to leave. Yoo-na yells a ‘”cheer up” for Chang-kook from outside.

Jung-woo and Ji-eun spend their days riding bikes, having picnics in the forest, and lying under the sky. She thinks about how she feels so happy that she could cry. They talk about their first impressions on each other—they’d both thought the other looked lonely. Ji-eun asks Jung-woo to tell stories from his childhood and falls asleep listening to his sweet voice.

Despite the bliss, Ji-eun is still wracked with guilt and has nightmares of facing the very people she’s avoiding. Jung-woo tries to comfort her. Min-young meets Chang-kook to force him into action, but Chang-kook believes Ji-eun will return home and wants to be patient. Both of them refuse to divorce their spouses. Min-young resolves to get him back by any means.

Bit-na (YOO SEO-JIN) goes into Ha-yoon’s room and spots his ring. Jeni bursts into Young-jae’s (CHOI BYUNG-MO) office and demands that he use her art for his next project as he promised. Ha-yoon frantically looks for his ring but is unable to find it.

Jung-woo decides to visit Min-young and Chang-kook alone, to ask for their forgiveness. Ji-eun is anxious about him going, so he gives her a couple pendant set that they put on each other. Jung-woo shows up at Chang-kook’s house and gets on his knees. Chang-kook’s mom hits out at Jung-woo, but Chang-kook wants to speak to him alone and asks her to leave. He asks where Ji-eun is, but Jung-woo just apologizes and begs him to let her go.

Ji-eun waits for Jung-woo and thinks if she would call him, but gets a call from Soo-ah instead. Yoo-na visits Chang-kook again, and this time, finds his door unlocked. She walks in, feeds his bird and starts cleaning up. Chang-kook wakes up and yells at her to leave, but she replies that just as Ji-eun went to someone she loves, she has also come to Chang-kook, whom she loves.

Soo-ah visits Ji-eun and reveals that she keeps feeling guilty for ushering Ji-eun into this life, compared to the nice and quiet one she was living before they became friends. Ji-eun says that she felt happy for the first time after meeting Jung-woo and realized that life is about the people she meets.

Ah-ram is running a high fever. Ah-jin calls Soo-ah in tears, and Soo-ah asks her to take Ah-ram to the hospital and leaves Ji-eun’s place in a rush. Jung-woo meets Min-young and asks for divorce again. She takes an agreeable tone with him, asking for time to process things, but when he leaves, she asks someone to tail him. Soo-ah visits the hospital and attends to her daughters.

Ji-eun is cooking when Jung-woo texts that he’ll be there soon. She runs outside to welcome him and they hug for a long time. Ha-yoon finally gets a signal on his phone and reads Soo-ah’s messages. He tries calling her, but Soo-ah is talking to the doctor. Ah-jin grabs her mother’s phone and deletes Ha-yoon’s calls and messages. Ah-ram finally wakes up feeling okay.

Soo-ah sends her daughters back home with Young-jae, promising to return if Ah-ram doesn’t get sick and does well at school. Young-jae tries to take Soo-ah’s hand and stop her from leaving, but sees Ha-yoon’s ring on her finger and lets her go. He warns her to not expect an easy divorce. Soo-ah says she won’t ask for custody of the kids and will still help raise them, but Young-jae says it’s money that raises kids.

That night, Min-young makes her way to the house Jung-woo and Ji-eun are staying at, followed by Chang-kook. She bursts into their bedroom and tells Jung-woo that she’s pregnant. As Jung-woo stares at her in shock, Chang-kook drags Ji-eun downstairs to his car. Jung-woo follows Ji-eun, calling out her name in tears, but is held back by Min-young. Ji-eun turns to look at Jung-woo one last time and thinks about how even if she tried with all her might, she can never have Jung-woo in this life.

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