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As Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB) drags Min-young (RYU ABEL) out of the library, Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) picks herself and walks away from everyone recording the scene on her phone. Soo-ah goes home with Ah-ram and Young-jae, leaving Ha-yoon behind.

Jeni apologizes for stepping away from Ah-ram and losing her. When Young-jae (CHOI BYUNG-MO) scolds her, she yells that she’s not the only one at fault—he’s the one who didn’t look for a tutor and someone who could look after his kids. She packs her stuff to leave. Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) thanks her for taking care of her kids and asks her to stay longer, but Jeni leaves, remarking that no one can take care of children whose mom is too busy for them.

At Min-young’s parents’ house, she completely changes her tone. She announces that Jung-woo has decided to go back to America with her for further studies. Jung-woo looks uncomfortable but doesn’t say anything.

Chang-kook’s mom attends a stitching class and sews clothes for her future grandchild. Bit-na (YOO SEO-JIN) reminds Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK) that she was the one who helped him get discovered as an artist and he should repay her by going to Europe and making a lot of money.

Soo-ah tucks Ah-ram into bed and hears her daughter call out for her in sleep. Ah-jin asks Soo-ah to leave and then shuts herself in her room as Soo-ah apologizes. Ha-yoon calls Soo-ah, but she doesn’t pick up. He tries to paint but is unable to focus.

Jung-woo leaves his in-laws’ house to sit in a park and debate calling Ji-eun. A suspicious Min-young follows him. Meanwhile, Ji-eun is still in shock and can’t stop thinking about Min-young slapping her. She pretends to be asleep when Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON) returns and wonders if she’s supposed to continue living as if nothing happened.

Ha-yoon wakes up to no calls from Soo-ah. Ah-ram only gets on her school bus after Soo-ah promises that she won’t leave. Soo-ah and Ji-eun run into each and catch up over coffee. They’re both sad and in pain, and Ji-eun ponders how they are living in hell for chasing after momentary happiness.

Chang-kook’s coworkers show the video of Ji-eun getting slapped to Yoo-na (PARK MIN-JI). The video has been posted on social media. Yoo-na tries to shield Chang-kook, but he notices people pointing and whispering. Ji-eun’s coworkers also get a hold of the video and express surprise that someone as innocent-looking as her could have an affair. Ji-eun hides in the bathroom.

Jung-woo walks into school to find his students mocking him and refusing to take his class because of the video. At work, Ji-eun tries to ignore everyone’s glare to focus on work. Jung-woo’s school gets concerned calls from parents and the principal asks him to resign.

Ji-eun’s caring sunbae expresses disappointment with her actions, while the one who is usually nasty tries to comfort her. A furious Chang-kook goes to Jung-woo’s school and punches him in the face. He tells Jung-woo that he’s moving to another place with Ji-eun and warns him to never look for her.

After cleaning, baking, and taking care of her daughters, Soo-ah gets into a taxi but keeps thinking back to Ah-ram asking her not to disappear again. Ha-yoon hears someone come into his apartment and thinking it’s Soo-ah, eagerly opens the door, but finds Bit-na instead. Seeing that Ha-yoon is still harboring hopes of Soo-ah’s return, she shockingly reveals that they’re not legally divorced because she never completed the process, and threatens to never divorce him. Soo-ah overhears this and turns to leave, but Ha-yoon holds her back.

Chang-kook’s mom gives Ji-eun the baby’s shoes she made in her sewing class. Ji-eun breaks down and tells her that she asked Chang-kook for a divorce. Chang-kook’s mom assumes that it was Chang-kook who cheated on her and faints when Ji-eun says that it was her. Chang-kook arrives at the hospital and refuses to divorce Ji-eun despite her relentless pleading.

Jung-woo watches the video of Ji-eun and him and reads the nasty comments. Ji-eun stays by Chang-kook’s mom’s side, guiltily remembering the day Chang-kook had introduced them and how lovingly his mother had welcomed her.

Ah-jin and Ah-ram return home from school to find their mom gone again. Ah-jin doesn’t show up to school the next day and Young-jae is called to talk about her strange behavior. Ha-yoon tells Bit-na that he’ll go to Europe, but on the condition that she divorces him. He tells Soo-ah about his plans, and she remarks that it will take time for her to convince Young-jae for a divorce too. Ha-yoon asks her to marry him when their paperwork is settled.

Ji-eun gets a call informing her that Chang-kook put their house up for sale. Jung-woo packs up his stuff and leaves school, with his students yelling at him to never come back. Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO) watches his teacher leave.

Young-jae looks everywhere for Ah-jin. Ji-min finds her standing dangerously on the ledge of a building. She tries pushing him away, but he grabs her hand and hugs her. Young-jae returns home after a whole day of looking for his daughter only to find her home, and hugs her.

Chang-kook tells Ji-eun that he wants to move to a new place and start afresh. She asks him to let her go, but he begs her to make an effort instead. Ji-eun tells him that she doesn’t love him and can’t live meaninglessly anymore, but yet again, he simply leaves.

Jung-woo walks into Min-young’s parents’ house and announces that he is divorcing her. Despite Min-young yelling at him to come back, he gets into his car and leaves. Soo-ah packs Ha-yoon’s bag for his trip to Europe. He hands her a box containing two rings. The two exchange rings and Ha-yoon kisses her.

Min-young barges into Jung-woo’s apartment but doesn’t find him there. She calls Chang-kook and tells him that she thinks Jung-woo is with Ji-eun and asks him to make sure they don’t meet.

Ji-eun is getting yelled at by her boss in the middle of the mart when Jung-woo walks in. He grabs her hand and drags her out of the mart, and Ji-eun lets him do it, thinking that despite losing so much because of this affair, she still can’t let go of Jung-woo. Chang-kook walks into the mart looking for Ji-eun and is told that she has left with another man. As Ji-eun and Jung-woo drive away, he takes her hand. Ji-eun knows that their love is not eternal, but their moments together are even more precious because of this.

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