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Min-young (RYU ABEL) walks home in a daze. Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) holds Jung-woo’s hand in the bus and thinks about how she won’t regret this momentary happiness even if she ends up losing everything in her life. They see a rainbow and Ji-eun makes a wish. When Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB) asks what she wished for, she says that she wished she not be forgiven. For his part, Jung-woo wishes to take her share of their punishment too.

Min-young returns home soaking wet. She thinks back to Ji-eun and Jung-woo’s odd behavior on the day they had met, and all the times Ji-eun had spoken of Jung-woo as if she knew him. She tears their couple photo from the fridge and smashes things in anger, hurting herself.

Chang-kook’s mom visits and is surprised to see the amount of food on the table. Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON) tells her that Ji-eun made the food to go on a picnic with her friend.

Jung-woo asks Ji-eun if she would come to him if he were to be single again. She gets emotional and thinks about how she’s not alone anymore, and nods.

It’s very late at night by the time Ji-eun gets home, and once again, Chang-kook is up, waiting for her. He yells at her again and this time, straight up asks if she’s having an affair. Ji-eun shuts her eyes tight and admits that she’s having an affair. For a second, Chang-kook thinks she’s joking, but then Ji-eun breaks down and confesses she loves another man. Chang-kook tears up as he asks why she could have done this, but Ji-eun only apologizes over and over while telling him it’s not his fault. Ultimately, Chang-kook decides to pretend he didn’t hear anything and leaves the house.

Meanwhile, Jung-woo returns to his apartment in disarray. Min-young is drinking and asks if he had fun with Ji-eun. When Jung-woo confesses that he’s never felt for her what he feels for Ji-eun, Min-young smashes her glass against the wall. Jung-woo begs for a divorce, but Min-young says that she’d rather die and runs to the balcony to jump. Jung-woo runs to grab her and notices that she’s walked all over the shards of glass.

Jung-woo takes an injured Min-young to the hospital. When her parents arrive, she decides to go with them, but not without giving Jung-woo a week to end things with Ji-eun. She announces that they will return to America, and warns that if Jung-woo met Ji-eun again, she will ruin Ji-eun’s life.

The next morning, Ji-eun and Chang-kook rush out of their home holding their pet bird’s cage. At the veterinary clinic, they are informed that the bird couldn’t withstand separation from its pair and has died. Chang-kook and Ji-eun both burst into tears.

Bit-na (YOO SEO-JIN) hands Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK) a contract that establishes control over his dating life and asks him to end his affair with Soo-ah, which he refuses to do. Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) sells her jewelry and attempts to find a job using all the talents she has, from baking to ballet, but to no avail. People turn her down because of a lack of experience. She decides to work as a part-timer.

Chang-kook and Min-young run into each other. She asks if he knows about Ji-eun’s affair, and tries telling him who the man is, but Chang-kook stops her. So Min-young leaves, asking him to ensure that Ji-eun doesn’t step out of line. Chang-kook thinks back to all the times Ji-eun lied about being with a friend and sobs at the betrayal. Yoo-na (PARK MIN-JI) observes him cry.

Sure enough, Chang-kook has guessed the man who’s having an affair with Ji-eun, because he shows up to Jung-woo’s school after the students have left, gets on his knees and begs him to let go of his wife. Feeling guilty, Jung-woo also gets on his knees, apologizing profusely as Chang-kook says that Ji-eun can’t live as an adulterer for the rest of her life.

Soo-ah deals with rude customers at her new job as a waitress. Someone recognizes her and sends pictures to Young-jae, who gets angry at how she’s living after leaving him. Kang-chul (OH DONG-MIN) texts Soo-ah’s number, which is with Young-jae. This time, Young-jae replies back. The next day, Kang-chul shows up at the restaurant where Soo-ah is working. Soo-ah returns to Ha-yoon’s apartment and lies that she ate dinner without him.

Ji-eun texts Jung-woo that she told her husband the truth and asked for a divorce. While teaching a class, Min-young imagines going to the mart to fight Ji-eun and accidentally yells in front of her students. Jung-woo texts Ji-eun back after a long, agonizing wait and she tells him that her bird died.

Ah-jin and Ah-ram hang out with Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO). Ah-ram tells Ji-min that she’s going to a field trip and her mom will meet her there. Ah-jin yells at her sister to stop lying and Ji-min changes the subject by offering Ah-ram a piggyback ride home. Jung-woo asks Ji-eun to meet him at a library.

Soo-ah and Ha-yoon drink at a local food joint. He remarks that he can’t believe she’s next to him, that it feels like a dream. They clink glasses, and silently, they both wonder how long they will be able to stay together. The next day, Young-jae calls Bit-na and Ha-yoon and says that the four people involved in this mess should talk.

On her field trip, Jeni leaves Ah-ram alone to go to the bathroom. The little girl sees someone who looks like her mother and runs to her. Young-jae brings Ha-yoon and Bit-na to the restaurant where Soo-ah is employed. Ha-yoon is shocked to see her in a waitress’s uniform. Just then, Young-jae gets a call informing him that Ah-ram can’t be found and leaves, with Soo-ah following him as Ha-yoon watches.

Jung-woo and Ji-eun reach the library. Young-jae and Soo-ah, with Ha-yoon in tow, arrive at the park to look for Ah-ram. Ji-eun and Jung-woo sit across from each other at the library, then go out to the library’s cafe and sit on different tables, gazing at each other from afar. Jung-woo puts a gift on Ji-eun’s table and asks her to open it when she gets home.

Ha-yoon is the first one to find Ah-ram and brings her back to Soo-ah and Young-jae. He observes the family reunion for a while, then turns away.

Ji-eun opens the gift box to find a pen, and a letter saying Jung-woo is breaking up with her. An emotional Ji-eun runs back inside and the two look at each other with a bookshelf between them. Just as they try to go to each other, Min-young sees them together. She slaps Ji-eun in front of everyone at the library and yells at her for having an affair with her husband. Jung-woo drags Min-young away as everyone takes pictures of Ji-eun slumped on the floor.

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