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As Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) and Jung-woo hold hands, she wonders what would have happened had she met him when she was twenty, instead of now, when she is older and married. After they click photos, she excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB) follows, dragging her to somewhere no one can see them hug. He confesses that he can’t live without her. Min-young (RYU ABEL) and Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON), meanwhile, wonder where their significant others are.

That night, Min-young notes that Jung-woo is being weirdly quiet and asks what’s worrying him. He tries to say something but changes his mind. Ji-eun lays in bed beside Chang-kook, thinking about Jung-woo hugging her. She gets a text from him, asking if he can call, and steps outside. Min-young sees Jung-woo talking to someone on the phone in the middle of the night.

Bit-na (YOO SEO-JIN) visits Ha-yoon’s apartment and is shocked to find that Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) has moved in. She details how she spent a month touring Europe preparing for Ha-yoon’s international debut and asks Soo-ah to go back to her home and not ruin Ha-yoon’s future. The two get into a heated argument, which is broken up only when Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK) returns with breakfast. Bit-na expresses surprise at him being domestic. Soo-ah leaves to give the two some privacy. Bit-na leaves in anger.

Chang-kook bumps into Young-jae (CHOI BYUNG-MO) and asks why he looks troubled. Young-jae is surprised that Ji-eun hasn’t mentioned anything to him. That night, Chang-kook tries getting physically intimate with Ji-eun, but she excuses herself by saying that her body hurts. Chang-kook backs off, and then asks Ji-eun if Soo-ah really left home after being caught having an affair.

Ah-ram throws a fit about her mom’s absence, asking when she will be back. Young-jae lies to her, but Ah-jin yells that Soo-ah is never coming back. While seeing his kids off to school, Young-jae spots Ji-eun passing by and asks her to relay a message to Soo-ah—that she needn’t come home. A frustrated Jeni asks Young-jae how long he needs her to stay at his place, and tries coming on to him, but Young-jae looks uncomfortable.

Ha-yoon leaves for a meeting at Young-jae’s office by giving Soo-ah a loving hug. Kang-chul (OH DONG-MIN) sends Soo-ah another lovestruck text, which Young-jae happens to read, since he still has her phone. Ji-eun and Soo-ah meet up at a cafe. Soo-ah asks after her daughters, and says she misses them. Ji-eun breaks the news that she’s seeing Jung-woo again, and is jealous of Soo-ah for having the courage to leave her husband.

Jung-woo texts that he has come to the mart just to see Ji-eun, and she drops everything to rush to him. There, the two shop side by side and wonder if they will ever be able to do these ordinary things together, and if they will be happy being together openly as they do secretly.

At the meeting, Young-jae is told that the book which Ha-yoon illustrated is selling very well. Young-jae keeps making jibes at him and the two get into a heated exchange in front of Young-jae’s employees. Min-young is cooking dinner when Jung-woo arrives from work and tells her that he has already eaten. In an effort to further incense Ha-yoon, Young-jae drags him to a club. He completely lets go of control, raining bundles of money at the people on the dancefloor, making Ha-yoon leave.

Ah-jin confesses to Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO) that she had been aware of all her mom’s affairs with other men for a long time. Ah-jin had thought of it as her mother having a life of her own, one that wasn’t as hard as the life she lived with her dad and hoped that Soo-ah would always stay by her side. That night, Soo-ah dreams of her daughters and wakes up in tears. Ha-yoon finds her sitting alone, lost in thought.

Ji-eun spots a couple lovingly shopping together and imagines how it would feel like to be with Jung-woo in public. Soo-ah meets Young-jae and begs him to divorce her, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Young-jae intends to let Soo-ah wait for the divorce as long as possible because he can’t stand seeing Ha-yoon happy. She threatens him with a lawsuit, but he reminds her that she was the one who had an affair and walks away unperturbed.

Chang-kook’s bird is sick, so Ji-eun takes it to the vet. There, she runs into Yoo-na (PARK MIN-JI), who is hanging out with her vet friend. As she waits for the bird to get treated, she gets a text from Jung-woo, asking to meet in the forest. Yoo-na guesses from Ji-eun’s expression that something urgent has come up and volunteers to wait for the bird.

Ji-eun rushes to Jung-woo and hugs him tightly, thinking about how deaf and blind she has become to anyone or anything else. Chang-kook arrives at the vet to find Yoo-na instead of Ji-eun and is surprised to hear that his wife went to meet a friend. Yoo-na walks Chang-kook home, where his mom spots the two together. After Yoo-na leaves, Chang-kook’s mom scolds him for being friendly with younger women and hurting Ji-eun.

Jung-woo invites Ji-eun to a school field trip over the weekend. It’s late at night and Chang-kook is furious because Ji-eun’s phone is off. When she finally gets home, he yells at her for being late and forgetting about the sick bird. She looks apologetic, so he asks her to go to bed. Later that night, he wakes up to find her side of the bed empty and finds her on the balcony, talking to someone on the phone while smiling. He gets suspicious.

The next morning, Ji-eun forgets she put stew on the stove, burning it. Frustrated at her recent carelessness, Chang-kook asks if something is going on, but Ji-eun has no answers. He gets coffee at Yoo-na’s shop and wonders what it means when a woman is on the phone at night. When Yoo-na remarks that only women who are in love do this, he lies that he’s talking about a friend’s girlfriend. Min-young, thinking back to the times she’s caught Jung-woo on the phone, checks out his Facebook account and notices a woman with her back to the camera in the photos Jung-woo has uploaded.

Ji-min hands his application to leave school to Jung-woo. He’s surprised that Jung-woo doesn’t try talking him out of it, to which Jung-woo says he’s not qualified to advise him anymore. Ji-min asks if Jung-woo is still having an affair, and wonders if an affair can be considered love, leaving Jung-woo speechless.

Min-young shows up to Jung-woo’s school unannounced, but is told that he has left. She asks the principal if there are any female teachers at school that Jung-woo is close, and is told that all of his colleagues are men. That night, Min-young surprises Jung-woo with their marriage registration certificate, which she got made on her own.

Soo-ah asks Ha-yoon if his divorce was easy, and he guesses that Young-jae is refusing to divorce her. Ji-eun prepares snacks for her trip with Jung-woo, telling Chang-kook that he’s making them for a friend, making him suspicious.

It begins to rain, and Min-young wonders if Jung-woo took an umbrella. Ji-eun shows up for the trip and finds that the kids’ parents have canceled on account of the rain. She finds Jung-woo waiting for everyone, and asks if he’ll cancel the trip if there’s just one student. Jung-woo grabs Ji-eun’s hand and they set out by themselves. Min-young, who has arrived with an umbrella for Jung-woo, sees them get on the bus.

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