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It starts to rain as Ji-eun (PARK HA-SUN) walks away from Jung-woo (LEE SANG-YEOB). She’s glad that he didn’t try to stop her. Trapped in their respective houses, Soo-ah and Ha-yoon think about their time together. Ji-eun’s voiceover narrates, “I wonder if the time we spent together will disappear without a trace.”

The next day, Ji-eun wakes up with a fever and Chang-kook (JUNG SANG-HOON) fusses over her. Jung-woo, too, is running a fever and ends up passing out.

Young-jae (CHOI BYUNG-MO) takes pictures with Ha-yoon for the release of their book and pretends that everything is okay. Bit-na (YOO SEO-JIN) asks him to keep the details of Ha-yoon and Soo-ah’s affair to himself so that she can continue to sell Ha-yoon’s paintings of Soo-ah.

While at the hospital for Jung-woo’s check-up, Min-young (RYU ABEL) bumps into Ji-eun. Upon learning that Jung-woo is sick, Ji-eun sneaks a look at him while Min-young is away, which Jung-woo notices. On the drive back home, Min-young tells Jung-woo about her friend who is having an affair.

Jeni informs Soo-ah (YE JI-WON) that Young-jae hired her to watch the kids. Soo-ah confronts Young-jae. “I’m not a doll,” she says, “I’m a real person who needs to breathe.” When she brings up the kids, Young-jae forbids her from using them as an excuse. Ah-jin puts two and two together and throws a fit, telling Soo-ah that she doesn’t need a mom anymore. Young-jae points out that no one in the family needs her anymore and Soo-ah leaves the house.

Chang-kook’s mom happens to see Soo-ah leaving her house in tears and goes to inform Ji-eun. Soo-ah stops by a payphone and calls Ha-yoon (JO DONG-HYUK), breaking down from the weight of missing him. Feeling bad about the hurtful words she said to Soo-ah, Ah-jin searches for her. She finds her mother crying to someone over phone and leaves without approaching her.

At the mart, Ji-eun ignores Min-young, who wonders why she’s being left out. She asks Ji-eun why Soo-ah is nowhere to be seen and guesses that Soo-ah must have gotten caught while cheating.

Chang-kook visits a doctor because he has trouble having sex with his wife. He gets back to the office to find Yoo-na (PARK MIN-JI) waiting with coffee and gifts for his birds.

At dinner, Ji-eun asks Chang-kook to consider moving somewhere else. Chang-kook tells her about his visit to the doctor and suggests that they try counseling. Ji-eun suddenly tears up while he’s talking, apologizes for not paying attention to him and gets out of the house, leaving him worried.

Ji-eun furiously bikes and realizes that she’s reached Jung-woo’s school. She sees Min-young and Jung-woo together for the first time as Min-young picks him up after work. Min-young spots Ji-eun and calls out to her, but Ji-eun leaves without responding. She thinks about how she wants Jung-woo to be hurting more than she is.

Ah-jin is on her way home with Jeni after ballet class when she spots Ji-min (SHIN WON-HO) and leaves the car to chase after him. Ji-min’s rudeness towards Ah-jin leads her to wonder if it has something to do with him seeing Soo-ah at the park. Soo-ah, who has been searching for Ah-jin this entire time, arrives on the spot only to overhear Ah-jin tell Ji-min that her mother doesn’t care about her. Ah-jin runs back home and shuts the door of her room in Soo-ah’s face, who begs her daughter for forgiveness.

Jeni, who has realized the real reason behind the tension in Young-jae’s family, threatens Bit-na by quitting her job. Ji-eun tells Min-young that she’s not seeing another man anymore, while Min-young also reveals that she stopped suspecting that her husband is having an affair.

Soo-ah thinks back to her encounter with Ji-min. After Ah-jin had left, Soo-ah had begged him not to reveal to her daughter that he saw her with another man. Ji-min had left saying that adults are fools if they think their kids don’t know anything. “I’ve lived my life wrong,” Soo-ah muses.

The next day, Young-jae finds out that Soo-ah didn’t come home. Assuming she is with Ha-yoon, he asks Ha-yoon to tell his wife to return. Meanwhile, Soo-ah packs her bags and leaves her husband’s house. Young-jae arrives home to discover divorce papers on his bed and tears them to pieces.

Ji-eun and Jung-woo spend time with their spouses, visiting the same places and barely missing each other. As they stroll the park, Min-young points out the flower Jung-woo once described to Ji-eun and sends him spiraling into reminiscing about her. Min-young suddenly spots Ji-eun and calls out her name. Jung-woo then realizes that Ji-eun and Min-young are friends.

Soo-ah visits Ha-yoon’s house with her luggage and asks if he’s going to take her back. Ha-yoon steps forward and takes her in his arms.

At the cafe, Min-young and Chang-kook make plans to go on double dates as Jung-woo and Ji-eun try their best to avoid looking at each other. The cafe’s staff asks the four of them to take a picture together for an event. As they stand side by side, Jung-woo grabs Ji-eun’s hand behind Min-young.

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