‘Liver or Die’ becomes 1st noncable series to exceed 20% viewership in 2019

Liver or Die scored another success on March 7 when its 36th and most recent episode exceeded 20 percent in viewership rating and renewed its highest record.

The drama, which continues to draw more and more viewers, achieved nationwide ratings of 18.5 and 20.4 percent for its 35th and 36th episode, respectively. Not only did Liver or Die remain as the most watched drama in the Wednesday and Thursday primetime slot, but it also renewed its peak rating and surpassed, for the second time, the highly coveted 20% mark. The series first hit the 20 percent viewership on February 28, becoming the first noncable series to do so this year and the second overall, following JTBC’s Sky Castle which got 22.3% on January 19.

Liver or Die tells the story of Lee Poong-sang, a middle-aged man who has lived his life for his siblings. The story follows how he and his family members are dealing with the challenges of life, including his cancer. Yoo Jun-sang is taking on the role of Poong-sang, while Jeon Hye-bin, Oh Ji-ho, Lee Si-young, and Lee Chang-seob are playing his younger siblings. The five actors previously participated in volunteer work as they reached 13 percent in ratings.

Following Liver or Die in terms of national viewership on March 7 is SBS’s Big Issue starring Han Ye-seul and Joo Jin-mo, with 3.7 and 4.1 percent. Meanwhile, MBC’s Spring Turns to Spring is still the underdog in the ratings game, having only 2.7 and 3.0 percent—numbers that are even lower than the 3.9 % recorded by Touch Your Heart of cable network tvN.

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Jessene Mariano

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