Lim Ju-hwan’s double life unveiled in new stills from MBC’s ‘The Spies Who Loved Me’

Lim Ju-hwan‘s character stills for his upcoming series The Spies Who Loved Me are finally out as the date for the drama’s premiere draws near.

The new spy-themed series from MBC is a romantic-comedy story about a woman who unknowingly married to spies twice and accidentally gets involved in their espionage work. The series features lead cast Yoo In-na (Touch Your Heart) as a wedding designer and the woman who gets entangled in the world of espionage, Shinhwa’s Eric Mun (Eccentric! Chef Moon) as her ex-husband and an undercover Interpol agent, and Lim Ju-hwan (The Game: Towards Zero) as her current partner who is actually a corporate spy.

The released characters stills highlight Lim as he plays the dashing Derek Hyun, Kang Ah-reum’s (played by Yoo In-na) husband. Derek leads a double life. He is a corporate spy who disguises himself as a diplomat. His two lives allow him to switch from a very romantic and sweet husband who surprises his wife with gifts to a cold, terrifying spy who will stop at nothing for the success of his mission and will not hesitate to do anything for his line of work.

One of the shots shows Derek in his dashing business outfit as he holds a bouquet of flowers that he has bought for his wife Ah-reum. He has a genuine smile, and his lovestruck eyes stare warmly at whoever is in front of him, as if a man who has everything in life, melting the viewers’ hearts. But, as if on cue, he switches back to his cold, uptight persona as an undercover spy, as his eyes turn icy cold and lips curve a dangerous smile, giving chills to anyone who sees him. Lim definitely exudes an authoritative presence with this character. While Derek seems genuinely in love with Ah-reum and has no ill motives against her, he gives an eerie feeling that adds tension to the story, making viewers doubt his real identity.

Asked about his thoughts on why he chose to star in this drama, Lim Ju-hwan replied, “I have been doing a lot of work with melodramatic or thriller genres, so I wanted to try to play [a role in a drama with] a romantic-comedy genre.” He also shared his sentiments on his character, saying, “More than anyone else, I was attracted to Derek Hyun’s character, who is full of charisma. Derek Hyun is a person who doesn’t know much about love, but through Kang Ah-reum (his character’s wife), he gets to know what love is and why it is love. He is interesting because he is a character that can express many emotions.”

The Spies Who Loved Me, MBC’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama, is set to premiere this upcoming October 21 at 9:20 p.m. KST. The production will be helmed by director Lee Jae-jin (The Banker) and marks screenwriter Lee Ji-min’s first ever script work for a TV series. Writer Lee is also the one behind critically acclaimed movies such as The Age of Shadows (2016) and The Man Standing Next (2020).

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