Lee Sung-jae joins Park Bo-young, Ahn Hyo-seop in tvn drama ‘Abyss’

Actor Lee Sung-jae is confirmed to appear in tvN’s fantasy drama Abyss, starring Park Bo-young (Strong Woman Do Bong-soon) and Ahn Hyo-seop (Thirty But Seventeen).

Abyss revolves around a man and woman who suddenly meet death, but get another shot at life through magical beads that send their souls back to earth. When they are reborn, however, they find themselves having completely different physical bodies that mirror how beautiful their ‘spirits’ when they are still alive. Park will be playing Go Se-yeon, a beautiful and successful prosecutor who is reborn as an average-looking lawyer.

Ahn, on the other hand, will play Cha Min, who used to be the overachieving heir of a cosmetics company. While both intelligent and kind, he lacks good looks in his previous life. He is luckily reborn with classic flower boy appearance but as a simple office manager this time.

Meanwhile, Lee Sung-jae will be playing Oh Yeong-cheol in the show. He is the director of a university hospital and is famous as the ‘legend of medicine’ for his impeccable skills as a doctor, winning the presidential recognition three times in a row. Behind his cool persona and benevolent smile, however, he hides another personality. Lee’s past projects include Goodbye to Goodbye (2018), Jealousy Incarnate (2016), and Secret Healer (2016).

Abyss is written by Moon Soo-yeon, who helmed the ninth and tenth season of Rude Miss Young-Ae, and directed by PD Yoo Je-won. It is scheduled to premiere in May, most likely taking over the Monday-Tuesday time slot currently occupied by Jin-young starrer He Is Psychometric.

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