Lee Sun-kyun, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hee-won, more confirmed to star in new disaster film ‘Silence’

The upcoming action-packed disaster movie Silence (tentative title) has revealed a star-studded casting lineup led by in-demand actors Lee Sun-kyun, Ju Ji-hoon, and Kim Hee-won.

Silence will revolve around events that occur one foggy night after a mysterious beast from the Silence Project escapes from its containment vehicle and creates havoc at the Incheon Bridge. As a chain of car accidents occurs, the structure slowly approaches to a complete collapse, trapping the motorists in a time-critical and deadly situation.

Lee Sun-kyun has signed up to play one of the male protagonists named Cha Jung-won, an administrator of the Blue House Security Office. While on his way to the airport to see his daughter off, he gets caught up in an unexpected string of accidents that pushes him to confront a seemingly impossible predicament. Highly praised for his performances in the box-office titles Take Point (2018), Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage (2019), and the Oscar-winning film, Parasite (2019), Lee is expected to showcase his unrivaled charm once again in his first-ever disaster-themed movie.

Acting alongside Lee is Ju Ji-hoon, who will take on the role of Joe Park, a tow-truck driver. While looking for potential clients on the road, he gets stuck in the heavy traffic at Incheon Bridge. Though he sometimes comes off as selfish, his character’s fast thinking and impressive decision-making skills are vital to the story. Ju became an internationally revered actor for his roles in the movie series Along with the Gods (2017, 2018) and zombie-themed drama franchise Kingdom (Seasons 1 &2/2019, 2020).

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-won will transform into Dr. Yang, the scientist in charge of transporting one of the specimens from the Silence Project. Kim has built quite a reputation for himself for his laudable portrayals in movies, including Tazza: One Eyed Jack (2019) and The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful (2019). He is currently on the radar for his lead roles in three anticipated blockbuster hits titled The Golden Holiday (2020), Pawn (2020), and Smartphone (2021).

Silence Korean Movie cast
(Top row from left: Moon Sung-keun, Ye Soo-jung, and Kim Tae-woo; Bottom row from left: Kim Su-an, Park Hee-von, and Park Joo-hyun)

Also included in the confirmed cast members are: Moon Sung-keun (Black Money) and Ye Soo-jung (An Old Lady), who will pair up as an elderly couple; Kim Tae-woo (Forbidden Dream) as Jung Hyun-baek, Cha Jung-won’s unparalleled senior; child actress Kim Su-an, who is best known for her character as “the little girl who survived the zombie apocalypse” in Train to Busan (2016), will take on another daughter role named Gyung-min and is predicted to share an extraordinary onscreen bond with her dad, Jung-won; as well as actresses Park Hee-von (One Day) and Park Joo-hyun (film debut), whose specific characters in the film are still being kept under wraps.

Silence is set to be helmed by director Kim Tae-gon of Familyhood (2016) and produced by Dexter Studios, the company behind big-screen hits such as Along with the Gods film series and Ashfall (2019). Envisioned to depict possible consequences of unethical research practices through realistic computer-generated imagery (CGI), the movie targets to crank up its filming this October.

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