Lee Seung-gi, Suzy reunite in spy drama ‘Vagabond’

Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy have been confirmed to reunite in the new spy drama titled Vagabond. The two actors previously played the lead roles in the 2013 fantasy historical series Gu Family Book.

Vagabond centers on an ordinary man named Cha Gun who becomes involved in a mysterious plane crash investigation and ends up looking into the country’s corruption. Lee Seung-gi will be taking on the role of Cha Gun, an overly confident stuntman and a shameless individual who has 18 degrees of black belt in total across various martial arts forms. After he finds himself investigating a civilian plane crash, he subsequently seeks the truth behind the incident that involves a huge corruption.

Suzy, meanwhile, will be playing a National Intelligence Service agent named Go Hae-ri. She decides to become a Level 7 civil servant after her father’s death in order to support her mother and younger sibling. Although she wants to work as a white agent—someone who works openly as a NIS agent—she ends up working as a black agent, those who work in espionage and must conceal their identity, due to complications.

The series will be helmed by award-winning PD Yoo In-sik, marking the second time Lee Seung-gi will be working with the director as they already worked together previously in You’re All Surrounded. The director also directed Romantic Doctor Teacher KimMrs. Cop, and Incarnation of Money. The screenplay will be penned by Jang Young-chul and Jung Kyung-soon who both collaborated with PD Yoo in Incarnation of MoneyHistory of the Salaryman, and Giant.

A representative from Celltrion Entertainment, the drama’s production company said, “With the actors, director, scriptwriters, and producers working hand-in-hand, we will make a high quality, ‘classic’ drama that hasn’t been seen in recent years. We will touch people’s hearts with detailed acting, directing, and writing that doesn’t leave out anything, from espionage and action to unexpected twists and thrilling moments, to melodrama and humor.”

The air date and broadcaster for the drama is yet unknown but Sony Pictures has been tapped to take charge of overseas distribution. The drama will be aired simultaneously in the US, Japan, and South Korea.

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