Lee Seung-gi, Lee Hee-joon starrer ‘Mouse’ drops intense video teasers

tvN’s upcoming psychological drama Mouse has dropped its video teasers that will put viewers at the edge of their seats!

The new series centers on a technology that makes it possible to identify potential psychopaths in advance. When a cold-blooded serial killer goes on a killing spree, with each ruthless kill leaving the entire nation paralyzed with fear and chaos, a rookie police officer goes on the most dangerous mission of his life. 

The series stars Lee Seung-gi in the lead role as the justice-driven rookie police officer Jeong Ba-reum, who comes face to face with the feared serial killer. While he survives his encounter with the said killer, something changes his life forever. This will be the multi-awarded actor’s first drama in almost two years, following his last leading role in Vagabond back in 2019. Starring opposite him is Lee Hee-joon, who plays his colleague Go Moo-chi, a tough detective whose main motive in joining the police force is to avenge his parents who were murdered when he was a child. He is willing to resort to any means to get the justice he yearns for. This marks his comeback on the small screen after three years, following his last TV series Mistress back in 2018.

The first video teaser opens to a young boy’s voice in the background, saying, “[I] prayed to God, ‘Please, don’t let me become a monster.’” The screen then shifts to the young Jeong Ba-reum, played by child actor Kim Kang-hoon (Mr. Queen), who is standing in the middle of a frozen wasteland, holding a red string. As the camera focuses on his stoic face, his lips slowly form an eerie smile.

The second video opens with a silhouette of a mysterious man standing in the middle of what seems like a boxing ring. The caption on the video reads, “He is hunting people.” The clip then shifts to a tired-looking Jeong Ba-reum, now an adult, inside a car. Beside him is Detective Go Moo-chi, whose face remains determined and unfazed. A quick peek at a dark liquid flowing down the drain indicates that another murder has taken place. The last few seconds show what seems to be the anticipated encounter of Ba-reum and the serial killer. Ba-reum is lying on the ground in the middle of the rain, trying to identify his surroundings, when a suspicious figure slowly retreats from the crime scene and away from the crowd. As the video turns pitch black, Moo-chi’s voice can be heard from the background, as if telling someone, “Even at this moment, there might be a hunting going on that we are not aware of.”

The production crew of the drama commented, “We tried to show the concept of Mouse and the story of Lee Seung-gi’s and Lee Hee-joon’s [characters] in such a short video. The hidden stories will be unraveled little by little through teasers, which will all be released soon. Please look forward to the first episode of tvN’s newest drama Mouse, which will make the audience glue their eyes to the screen to witness the elaborate development of the unpredictable events in the story.”

Other notable actors in the cast include Park Ju-hyun (Zombie Detective), who plays Oh Bong-yi, a troublemaker high school student who excels at all kinds of sports, including martial arts and jiu-jitsu. She lives with her grandmother, played by veteran actress Kim Young-ok (The King: Eternal Monarch). Kyung Soo-jin (Hush) plays Choi Hong-joo, an award-winning, current affairs program producer who gets caught in the chaos with Ba-reum after she goes after the serial killer. Ahn Jae-wook (Five Enough) portrays Han Seo-joon, a renowned neurosurgeon famous for his genius-like skills in the field. He is married to Sung Ji-eun, played by Kim Jung-nan (Tale of the Nine Tailed). Block B’s Pyo Ji-hoon (More Than Friends) has also joined the cast as Detective Shin, who just got transferred to the homicide team. 

Mouse is a collaboration of PD Choi Joon-bae of Come and Hug Me (2018) and writer Choi Ran of God’s Gift: 14 Days (2014) and Black (2017). The series is scheduled to air every Wednesday and Thursday on tvN starting on February 24 at 10:30 p.m. KST. 

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