Lee Seo-jin, Lee Joo-young in talks to star in OCN’s ‘Times’

Actor Lee Seo-jin and rising actress Lee Joo-young are in talks to star in the political fantasy drama Times.

On July 2, an official from Hook Entertainment, Lee Seo-jin’s agency, told the media that “Lee Seo-jin has received a casting offer for the lead role in OCN’s new drama Times and is currently positively reviewing it.” Meanwhile, Lee Joo-young’s agency Ace Factory has also commented, “Lee Joo-young is positively reviewing the proposal for OCN’s new drama Times.”

Times is a time-leap political thriller series and will follow a woman in 2020 who, through a telephone, makes connection with a man in the past to rescue a president who was assassinated in 2015.

Lee Seo-jin has been offered the role of Times star reporter Lee Jin-woo, who will seek the truth in the series. Because of his tenacity and reputation in reporting and uncovering webs of lies and corruption, he is feared by those in power and authority, and he gets constant threats in return. His media company, Times, suffers financially because of this.

The actor last appeared in the 2019 OCN thriller series Trap. He is known for his lead roles in the historical dramas Damo (2003), Yi San (2007), and Gyebaek (2011). He was also a cast member of many popular variety shows such as Three Meals a Day and Grandpa Over Flowers.

On the other hand, Lee Joo-young has been offered to play the president’s daughter Seo Gi-in. If she accepts, this will be her next series, following Itaewon Class that aired last January. She starred in the drama alongside Park Seo-joon and Kim Da-mi. Along with her movie Baseball Girl that was released in June, her roles and strong character presence have been leaving a strong impression on fans so far.

Recent reports have confirmed that actor Kim Yeong-cheol (My Country: The New Age) is also being courted to play President Seo Gi-tae. The production is preparing to start filming once the cast is complete.

Times aims to premiere next year. To date, other cast members and production updates are yet to be announced.

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