Lee Se-young, Junho in talks to lead MBC’s new historical-romance drama

Actress Lee Se-young and 2PM’s Junho (Lee Jun-ho) are being courted to work together in the drama The Red Sleeve Cuff.

On March 9, an official from Lee Se-young’s agency Prain Global (Prain TPC), said, “Lee Se-young has been offered to appear in MBC’s new drama The Red Sleeve Cuff. She is positively reviewing the offer.” An official from Junho’s agency JYP Entertainment also said that “Junho has received an offer to appear in the The Red Sleeve Cuff, and he is positively reviewing it.”

The Red Sleeve Cuff is set in the 18th century and will tell the story of King Jeongjo, who has fallen in love with a court lady and wants to make her his royal concubine, but she refuses, for she dreams of living a free life. She knows the hardships of living inside the palace, much more of a concubine who has to give up her happiness in order to get a high position. However, an event forces her to become the king’s royal concubine. The drama is based on the 2017 novel written by Kang Mi-kang.

Lee has been offered the role of Seong Deok-im, a palace court lady who becomes Royal Noble Consort Ui after catching the eye of Crown Prince Lee San, the next in line for the throne who eventually becomes King Jeongjo, the role offered to Junho.

Lee Se-young received a lot of love and support from viewers with her series Memorist and Kairos, which both aired last year. If she accepts the role, this will be the fourth historical drama in her career, following A Jewel in the Palace (2003–2004), King’s Dream (2012–2013), and The Crowned Clown (2019). Meanwhile, Lee Jun-ho, who began his mandatory military service in May 2019, will be completing his service this March 20. If he accepts the offer, this will mark his comeback in two years, following Confession in 2019. He has also appeared in the dramas Good Manager (2017), Rain or Shine (2017–2018), and Wok of Love (2018).

The Red Sleeve Cuff will be directed by Jung Ji-in and penned by writer Jung Hae-ri. It is aiming for a September broadcast.

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