Lee Sang-woo considering to join 20th Century Boy and Girl cast

Lee Sang-woo has been offered to take part in MBC’s upcoming 20th Century Boy and Girl. The drama’s production company already confirmed about two weeks ago that Kim Ji-seuk (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People) and Han Ye-seul (Madam Antoine) will play the lead roles.

20th Century Boy and Girl (previously called No Sex and the City) is a drama that depicts the process of growing up through love, friendship, and family bonds. It follows the lives of three women in their mid-thirties who are still single. Han Ye-seul will be playing the lead female role along with her two female friends played by Ryu Hyun-kyung (Empress Ki) as a flight attendant constantly on a diet, and newbie film actress Lee Sang-hee as a lawyer. Kim Ji-suk will play the lead male role as an investment banker who graduated from Harvard Business School. Meanwhile, if Lee Sang-woo (All’s Well With a Happy Home) confirms the role offered to him, he will be playing as Anthony, a former idol-turned-actor who becomes interested in Han Ye-seul’s character.

Actors Ahn Se-ha (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) and Oh Sang-jin (The Family Is Coming) were also confirmed to join the cast of the drama, potentially as the love interests of Ryu Hyun-kyung’s and Lee Sang-hee’s characters. Ahn Se-ha’s character is a gynecologist while Oh Sang-jin’s  is a principled lawyer who thinks of his job as his calling.

The three single women in 20th Century Boy and Girl live in Oksu-dong and are showered with neighborly affection and support despite living in a rather humble environment. The drama aims to give a realistic portrayal of single women who navigate their way to maturity and tackle how their relationship with different people deepen and grow over time.

The upcoming romantic comedy drama is written by Reply 1997 junior writer, Lee Sun-hye, and will be directed by All’s Well With a Happy Home PD, Lee Dong-yoon. It will take over The King Loves on Mondays and Tuesdays starting September.

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