Lee Joong-ok to headline psychological thriller film ‘Paroho’

Lee Joong-ok has been cast as the main character of the upcoming movie Paroho, Korean news outlets revealed on October 27.

Paroho tells the story of a motel owner searching for his missing mother and a mysterious man who ends up staying at the establishment.

Lee Joong-ok joined the production to breathe life into Do-woo, a man known in his region for his hyoja or filial piety, a Confucian virtue of showing respect and devotion to one’s parents, elders, or ancestors. Despite his good character that has even earned him an award for filial piety, Do-woo lacks social connections due to his timid nature. One day, he finds himself suffering from nightmares when his mother, who has dementia, disappears.

Lee Joong-ok is an actor well known for his versatility across many genres in film and television. In the silver-screen industry, he has given life to fresh, comical characters such as in Extreme Job (2019) and Hitman: Agent Jun (2020). Most recently, he took his talent of injecting laughter and fun into dramas as he suited up as a private investigator’s assistant in KBS2’s fantasy-comedy series Zombie Detective (2020).

He has also received praise for his portrayals in small-screen projects with the same hair-raising genre such as OCN’s The Guest (2018) and Strangers from Hell (2019) and tvN’s The Cursed (2020). With his commendable and limitless acting skills that can amp up a story’s eerie aura and induce goose bumps, the viewers are in for a treat as he portrays Do-woo.

Paroho is a part of the 14th feature film production research course of the Korean Academy of Film Arts or KAFA, Korea’s top film school established by the Korean Film Council in 1984.

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