Lee Joon in talks to appear in new fantasy drama ‘The Immortal’

Actor Lee Joon is being courted to appear in a new fantasy drama by tvN!

On February 3, an official from Lee Joon’s agency Prain TPC shared, “Lee Joon has been offered to appear in the new drama The Immortal, which he is considering positively.”

Back in December, actor Lee Jin-wook (Sweet Home) was also reported to be in discussions to lead The Immortal. The fantasy-revenge drama will revolve around a woman who retains her memories from all her past reincarnations, and a bulgasal, a Korean mythical being cursed with immortality and feeds on human blood, who seeks revenge on the woman who has cursed him to be the monster that he is today.

If they accept, Lee Jin-wook will play the central character Dan Hwal, who is a bulgasal, while Lee Joon will play Ok Eul-tae, a manipulative bulgasal and a key character in the progression of the story.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon, who was discharged from his military service on December 19, 2019, has confirmed his appearance on Netflix’s original series Sea of ​​Silence together with Hallyu (Korean wave) star Gong Yoo and Bae Doo-na. He last appeared in KBS2’s My Father Is Strange (2017).

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