Lee Joon-ho, Won Jin-ah confirmed to headline ‘Just Between Lovers’

2PM’s Lee Joon-ho has been confirmed to play his first drama leading role in the upcoming JTBC series, Just Between Lovers. He will be playing his role opposite newbie film actress Won Jin-ah in a drama that will center on two individuals deeply wounded by their past who find hope and solace in each other’s company.

Lee Joon-ho (Chief Kim) will be playing a character named Lee Kang-doo, only son of a well-to-do family which starts to suffer when he loses his father in a sudden accident. He faces difficulty in his life since then, particularly when her mother dies of cancer later on and leaves behind a pile of debt which he needs to pay. He is a guy dreaming to become a soccer player but this dream of his disappears when he gets injured on his leg that has to undergo three full years of rehabilitation. Life is so hard for him, but things begin to change after he meets a woman named Ha Moon-soo, played by Won Jin-ah.

Ha Moon-soo is living her life hiding the pain and bearing the guilty feeling of having survived an accident that took his younger brother’s life. However, she does not show these emotions to other people and goes on living pretending that everything is fine while working hard and trying to stay strong for her mother. She will be able to unburden herself to Lee Kang-doo after they know each other and develop a romantic relationship.

Both Lee Joon-ho and Won Jin-ah will be taking on their first leading roles in a television series through the upcoming drama. Lee Joon-ho made his acting debut on TV in 2016’s Memory, after which he secured supporting roles in Uncontrollably Fond and Chief Kim. Won Jin-ah, meanwhile, will be playing his first-ever drama role after having been selected through an audition with 120 other applicants. Both actors promised to do their best in portraying their characters.

Just Between Lovers will be directed by PD Kim Jin-won of The Innocent Man and written by writer Yoo Bo-ra of Secret Love. It will air in the second half of the year.

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