Lee Joon-ho teams up with Shin Hyun-bin, Nam Gi-ae in new teaser from ‘Confession’

On March 14, tvN released another video teaser for its upcoming legal thriller Confession. While the previous video teasers have mostly featured the show’s two leads, Lee Joon-ho and Yoo Jae-myung, this one features Shin Hyun-bin and Nam Gi-ae along with Lee.

Confession is a legal and crime drama about individuals seeking the truth while dealing with the principle of double jeopardy, which says that a case which has been ruled upon once cannot be heard again.

The new teaser’s almost comic mood is markedly different from the intense and thrilling tone of the earlier teasers. The 42-second video starts with a car that pulls up at an abandoned building, with Shin Hyun-bin (Mistress) already waiting in front of the building with her car. Lee Joon-ho exits the car, followed by Nam Gi-ae (Haechi), and asks, “Is this where the pieces of evidence are?” Shin displays an easy camaraderie with Lee, casually telling him, “Hey, don’t be too excited.” The text on the screen introduces her as former reporter Ha Yoo-ri. Shin then opens the trunk of her car and they all look at the evidence inside. Without saying a word, Nam Gi-ae clicks several pictures on her phone. She is Jin Yeo-sa, an investigative assistant.

Nam and Lee turn back to leave, with the latter instructing Shin to take care of the evidence. As he gets back in the car, Nam Gi-ae asks, “What should we do with this?” and he says, “Let’s see what happens.” Another text then describes him as the bar exam top-notcher and excellent lawyer Choi Do-hyun.

The three actors are expected to showcase their teamwork while solving cases.

Directed by Kim Cheol-kyu and written by Im Hee-cheol, Confession is slated to premiere on March 23. It will be taking over the Saturday-Sunday time slot currently occupied by Romance Is A Bonus Book on tvN.

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