Lee Joo-young confirms role in Park Seo-joon’s ‘Itaewon Class’

On November 5, actress Lee Joo-young confirmed that she would be appearing in the upcoming JTBC drama Itaewon Class.

Itaewon Class is a slice of life series based on a webtoon of the same name. It stars Park Seo-joon (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim) as a young entrepreneur who opens a restaurant in the Itaewon area in Seoul, Kim Da-mi as a social media influencer who becomes his restaurant’s manager, Kwon Na-ra (Doctor Prisoner) as his first love, and Yoo Jae-myung (My Fellow Citizens) as a self-made CEO of a food company.

The show will be a look at people who try to pursue their own idea of success away from the rules and pressures of the society, and the struggles and challenges they face as they develop the courage to take risks.

Lee Joo-young will be playing the role of a chic woman named Ma Hyun-hyi, a chef at the restaurant run by Park Seo-joon’s character. Lee is famous as an actress who transforms herself completely for even the smallest roles, and viewers are anticipating what she will bring to the table in a show already loaded with amazing performers.

The actress made her TV acting debut in 2016 through the coming-of-age drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo starring Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk. She has been making appearances at major film festivals lately to promote her film Maggie, which was released in September.

Itaewon Class is penned by writer Jo Gwang-jin of the original webtoon and directed by PD Kim Sung-yoon of Love In The Moonlight (2016). It is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2020.

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