Lee Jong-suk wears prosecutor robe in latest ‘While You Sleeping’ stills

While You Were Sleeping, which has about two weeks prior to its much-anticipated premiere, has continued its promotion spree with latest stills featuring its lead actor Lee Jong-suk (W-Two Worlds). The actor is shown in one of the stills wearing a prosecutor robe as an agent of justice in his newest drama.

The first still image shows him being sworn in as a new prosecutor at a ceremony. The actor looks calm and relaxed in his prosecutor’s robe and exudes charm, elegance, and determination characteristic of his role in the drama. He is playing a newly-appointed prosecutor named Jung Jae-chan whose personal and career life becomes complicated upon meeting a woman with the ability to foresee other people’s death through her dreams.

In another photo, Lee Jong-suk’s character is taking a selfie with his ID card, implying that although he’s a cold and serious man he has also a funny side in him. The remaining photos show him actively doing his work at his desk in which he is seriously pointing his finger at something and typing in front of the computer while looking exhausted.

While You Were Sleeping Stills
Photo Credit: SBS via IMBC

While You Were Sleeping is a supernatural romance drama about a woman, played by Suzy (Uncontrollably Fond), who can predict the tragic events that are about to happen to other people and a prosecutor who would try to stop them from becoming real. Lee Jong-suk is playing his first ever prosecutor role in this series after playing lead characters in five dramas since 2010. He’s reuniting again with screenwriter Park Hye-ryun whom he had worked with for the first time in I Hear Your Voice where he played a young man who can hear people’s thoughts by looking at their eyes. The said drama is somehow similar to While You Were Sleeping because of its legal and supernatural setting except that Lee Jong-suk is the one playing the lawyer and getting help from someone in solving some cases.

The upcoming SBS drama, helmed by My Love From The Stars PD Oh Choong-hwan, will premiere on September 27, replacing Reunited Worlds on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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