Another promotional material for the upcoming While You Were Sleeping is out. This time it is a poster showing the promising and romantic chemistry between its lead cast Lee Jong-suk and Bae Suzy who are teaming for the first time in a much-anticipated drama with the potential to become a huge success.

In the poster, the main couple is about to kiss while embracing each other. Adding to the romantic vibe of the poster are the cherry blossom trees and moonlight in the backdrop. According to the drama’s production crew, the poster represents one scene in the series which is also shown in the trailer released recently. In addition, the said scene was shot at a park in Seoul five months ago. The production crew said that they are excited to see how the romantic embrace in the poster will turn out in the drama, adding that the team made so much effort in shooting scenes as beautiful as the one in the poster.

While You Were Sleeping Poster 1

A caption on the poster which reads “I saw you in my dreams” refer to the drama’s premise about a woman who has the supernatural ability to predict other people’s tragic fate through her dreams. Bae Suzy (Uncontrollably Fond) is playing that character, an ordinary young woman named Nam Hong-joo who helps her mother in running a restaurant. She’s really troubled by her ominous dreams, so meeting a man whom he could somehow turn to is a relief. Lee Jong-suk (W-Two Worlds) plays rookie prosecutor Jung Jae-chan who will become involved in Hong-joo’s life. He is shown in the first trailer of the drama arguing about the point of trying to stop her dreams when he is just a prosecutor tasked to investigate a case after, not before, it happens. However, it is expected that he will try his best to help Hong-joo prevent her premonitions from becoming a reality.

Meanwhile, SBS also released on September 12 the still images featuring Suzy’s character. The actress had her hair cut short for the shooting of the drama.

While You Were Sleeping will take over the Wednesday-Thursday slot currently occupied by Reunited Worlds beginning September 27. It is a completely pre-produced drama written and directed by Pinocchio writer Park Hye-ryun and My Love From the Star PD Oh Choong-hwan, respectively.

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