Lee Je-hoon starrer drama ‘Taxi Driver’ drops official premiere date

SBS’s new Friday and Saturday drama Taxi Driver has confirmed April 9 as its official premiere date.

Taxi Driver follows a not-so-ordinary private cab company called Rainbow Fortune, which doubles as an agency for clients who have suffered injustices and are unprotected by law. With their special service, the taxi drivers carry out revenge call orders from their clients. Based on the webtoon “The Deluxe Taxi,” the drama features a strong lineup of stars, which includes Lee Je-hoon (Where Stars Land), Esom (Save Me 2), Kim Eui-sung (Arthdal Chronicles), April’s Naeun (Extraordinary You), Jang Hyuk-jin (Awaken), Cha Ji-yeon (Scent of a Woman), and Bae Yoo-ram (Zombie Detective).

Lee Je-hoon plays Kim Do-gi, a former special forces officer and a taxi driver of Rainbow Fortune who presents a unique anti-hero charm. He graduated from the Naval Academy and became an Underwater Demolition Team officer before his mother was murdered by a serial killer, which changed his life forever. Esom transforms into the pursuer of justice Kang Ha-na, a prosecutor who discriminates against criminals and believes violence is only justified when it is done by law enforcers like her. Kim Eui-sung plays Jang Sung-chul, the president of Rainbow Fortune who directs the revenge call orders and punishing of the perpetrators. Naeun plays Go-eun, the hacker and tech expert of the taxi company who has excellent skills in extracting personal and private information from CCTVs, mobile phones, computers, and more. She considers Do-gi as family and works with him closely, acting as his extra eyes and ears during his missions. Meanwhile, Cha Ji-yeon portrays the character who is in charge of the company’s finances, while Jang Hyuk-jin and Bae Yoo-ram are the engineer duo Choi Gyeong-gu and Park Jin-eun of Rainbow Fortune.

The production crew shared, “Taxi Driver, which has been scheduled to air on April 9, is a drama that combines many exciting elements, such as the subject of the novel, which is revenge, a solid storyline, the natural acting of the actors, and intense action and car-chase scenes. We will show you the essence of Korean dark heroes. Please look forward to the drama premiere.”

Taxi Driver will air after the conclusion of Penthouse 2.

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