Lee Je-hoon does cool car stunts, clashes with Esom in teaser for new drama

An action-packed teaser for SBS’s upcoming crime drama Taxi Driver has dropped!

Taxi Driver revolves around Kim Do-gi, played by Lee Je-hoon (Where Stars Land), who works as a taxi driver for Rainbow Transport that offers revenge services to its clients. Kim Do-gi watched his mother get murdered when he was young. He also graduated from the prestigious Korean Naval Academy. Kang Ha-na, played by Esom (Save Me 2), is an elite prosecutor who begins digging into Kim Do-gi’s work. The drama also stars Kim Eui-sung (Arthdal Chronicles) as the CEO of Rainbow Transport, while Pyo Ye-jin (VIP), who has recently replaced April’s Naeun in the drama, will play a young hacker.

The 34-second teaser introduces Lee Je-hoon as the cool vigilante taxi driver who is always dressed in black, driving with super-fast speed and chasing villains. Lee Je-hoon embodies the rage, frustration, and determination of his vigilante character. He is helped in his quest by Kim Eui-sung, who looks angry and ruthless, and Pyo Ye-jin, who is focused as the group’s hacker.

Things heat up even more with the appearance of Esom, who is also dressed in black like Lee but is on the opposite side of law. She chases after Lee Je-hoon’s character to get to the bottom of his work, creating a chain where she is after him while he chases villains. The teaser combines thrilling action scenes, dynamic camera angles, and stylish visuals that make it look more like a movie than a drama.

Taxi Driver is based on “The Deluxe Taxi,” a web comic created by Carlos and Lee Jae-jin. It has been adapted for TV by screenwriter Oh Sang-ho, who wrote the film Fabricated City (2017). Park Joon-woo of the Doctor Detective (2019) fame has directed the show. It is set to premiere on April 9, taking over SBS’s Friday-Saturday 10 p.m. KST time slot from Penthouse 2.

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