Lee Jae-wook warms up to Go Ara in new ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ teaser

The new teaser of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol has unveiled a new side of Lee Jae-wook‘s character, Sun Woo-joon.

The new KBS2 series follows the quirky, optimistic pianist Goo Ra-ra (Go Ara). She moves to the countryside when her family’s business goes bankrupt. There, she goes to a small piano academy called La La Land, where she bumps into the mysterious Sun Woo-joon. Unlike Ra-ra’s bright personality, Woo-joon does not socialize much or even care about what other people think of him. He also seems to be full of secrets.

As both of them often cross paths, Woo-joon soon finds himself becoming Ra-ra’s go-to buddy. He saves her from troubles and lends her money, which seems to be Ra-ra’s biggest problem as she adjusts to her new life in the small village.

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The first two teasers (here and here) showed the main characters’ odd yet blossoming relationship. This time, the promo clip focuses the viewers’ attention to Sun Woo-joon.

The video opens to a standing Woo-joon, as he plays with the piano keys. In mid-cuts, Ra-ra says, “To be honest, Woo-joon has a lot of secrets.” As she speaks, scenes of Woo-joon sitting alone on a rooftop and turning around to someone in the quietness of the night play, showing his aloof personality. A chilling music accompanies Ra-ra’s voice, as if to intensify the moment.

The next scene shows Ra-ra opening a notebook with a photograph inside, and as she reaches to inspect the photograph, Woo-joon immediately grabs it away from her reach, startling her. His somewhat irked face stares back at her, which indicates that Woo-joon does not like opening up to other people and is somewhat intentionally detaching himself from others.

The scene changes, and the camera pans to a basketball court where the back of Woo-joon can be seen for a brief moment. As he plays, an unknown man takes out his camera and photographs Woo-joon. An angry Woo-joon confronts the man and says, “Don’t take pictures or videos carelessly.” The music then changes from the earlier eerie sound to a now lively tune, and three ahjummas are shown giggling along with Ra-ra. One of them exclaims, “What should we do? I’m so curious!,” as if talking about romance.

The scene then shifts as Woo-joon says, “I hate getting caught in time.” The next clips show Woo-joon running away from something, followed by Ra-ra crashing her car by the road side. After the text, “She interfered,” flashes, Ra-ra proudly shows Woo-joon her freshly painted nails and beams, “Isn’t it pretty?,” to which a flustered Woo-joon responds, “You have dirt under your nails.” Ra-ra then frowns.

In another scene, a joyous Ra-ra runs towards Woo-joon with arms wide open, as if to hug him, while saying, “Thank you!” But before she could reach Woo-joon, his somewhat shocked expression makes her realize what she was about to do. She stops in her tracks, taking back her composure, and pretends to pick up her dog Mimi from the floor. A dazed Woo-joon is still unable to move and just stares uncomfortably. More scenes of Ra-ra and Woo-joon hanging out with each other then follow, showing Woo-joon slowly warming up to Ra-ra and her cheerful personality.

At the end of the video, Ra-ra tells Woo-joon, “Just think of me as family. Doesn’t that give you strength?,” as if attempting to comfort Woo-joon. But he only replies, “I [get] a headache just thinking about it.” The video concludes with Ra-ra and Woo-joon sitting awkwardly next to each other, avoiding each other’s gaze. The series’ broadcast schedule then flashes on the screen as the ending clip.

Go Ara and Lee Jae-wook have proved their undeniable onscreen chemistry with the previously released video teasers, making fans of both actors anticipate their characters’ meeting in the drama.

Go, who has been in the entertainment industry longer than Lee, has worked in many projects in the past. She last starred in the historical drama Haechi (2019), but she made a cameo appearance this year in the recently concluded Hospital Playlist. Meanwhile, Lee has made a name for himself with his character in Extraordinary You (2019). He recently starred in the romance melodrama When the Weather Is Fine, which aired in February 2020.

The series also stars actors Kim Joo-hun (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay), Ye Ji-won (Dinner Mate), Shin Eun-soo (Bad Papa), Lee Soon-jae (Pegasus Market), Lee Sun-hee (When the Weather Is Fine), Moon Hee-kyung (Hospital Playlist), Moon Tae-yoo (Hospital Playlist), Seo Yi-sook (The World of the Married), Song Min-jae (Once Again), and Park Sung-yeon (Arthdal Chronicles).

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is directed by Kim Min-kyung (Matrimonial Chaos) and penned by writer Oh Ji-young (My Secret, Terrius). It will air on KBS2 starting August 26 at 9:30 p.m. KST, replacing Memorials in its current Wednesday and Thursday broadcast slot.

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