Lee Jae-wook, Park Gyu-young courted to headline new KBS2 drama ‘Dalli and Gamjatang’

A new romantic series, tentatively titled Dalli and Gamjatang, is in the works at KBS2 and is currently going for a Lee Jae-wook and Park Gyu-young onscreen pair-up.

According to Korean news outlet Daily Sports earlier, an official from the drama bureau revealed that Lee Jae-wook and Park Gyu-young will appear in the said project. However, Lee’s agency, VAST Entertainment later responded, “Dalli and Gamjatang is one of the works Lee has received a proposal for, but no decision has been made yet.” Similarly, Saram Entertainment stated on behalf of Park, “She got a casting offer and is positively reviewing it.”

Dalli and Gamjatang will follow the blooming of an unexpected romance between a man and a woman who behave and think like complete opposites yet share a common interest in a particular art museum.

Recently applauded for his performance in the drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (2020), Lee Jae-wook is in talks to play Jin Mu-hak. His character is the vice president of DonDon F&B, a tiny, family-owned gamja-tang or spicy pork backbone stew restaurant that later became a global food corporation with 400 store franchises. Although he is now a big-shot director at their company, Mu-hak was always way behind in the academic rankings when he was still in school.

Meanwhile, Park Gyu-young, who has just taken the global stage through her role in Netflix’s Sweet Home, is being courted to portray Kim Dal-li, a director at the Chungsong Art Museum and a former visiting researcher at Netherland’s Kröller-Müller Museum. Dal-li always exudes elegance, from her manner of speaking down to her good-natured characteristics. With studying as her hobby, she has become well-versed in the arts, history, philosophy, and religion. On top of that, she is also fluent in seven languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

Dalli and Gamjatang will be helmed by director Lee Jung-sub of Angel’s Last Mission: Love (2019). It is co-penned by screenwriters Son Eun-hye of Witch’s Love (2018) and Park Se-eun.

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