Lee Hye-ri in talks for possible team-up with Jang Ki-yong in new drama ‘Frightening Cohabitation’

Singer-actress Lee Hye-ri is currently reviewing an offer for the female lead role in the upcoming webtoon-based drama Frightening Cohabitation (literal title), a source from her label, Creative Group ING, revealed on June 12.

Frightening Cohabitation, also known as A Terrifying Cohabitation, tells the story of a female college student who accidentally swallows the mystical orb of a male gumiho—a mythical nine-tailed fox that appears in the tales and legends of Korea. As the incident forces them to live together, they soon unexpectedly find themselves sparking romantic feelings for each other.

Girl’s Day group member and Miss Lee (2019) actress Lee Hye-ri is in talks to play the female protagonist Lee Dam, a 24-year-old university student who has never dated anyone all her life but ironically likes to give advice to her friends about love and their relationships. She is a fun-loving girl with a bright spirit. Her world suddenly changes, however, when she meets the mysterious writer Shin Woo-yeo, the male lead role offered to actor Jang Ki-yong (Born Again).

A Look at the Characters of Webtoon Frightening Cohabitation
Scene from the webtoon 간 떨어지는 동거 (literal translation: “Falling Cohabitation”)

Shin Woo-yeo is a gumiho born in 1117 who has taken the form of a man in order to lead an ordinary life with other human beings. He is cool, composed, and talks with a serious tone in his voice. An unforeseen turn of events made him spew out his fox orb which Lee Dam gulped, trapping him inside her body.

A Look at the Characters of Webtoon Frightening Cohabitation-2

They now have to live together and solve the predicament before the orb breaks inside Lee Dam’s body in a year’s time, making it impossible for Woo-yeo to become human again.

A Look at the Characters of Webtoon Frightening Cohabitation -3

The drama adaptation of “A Terrifying Cohabitation” is to be spearheaded by director Baek Seung-ryong, who also previously worked on the transformation of the webcomic “Ssabnida Cheonrimamateu” into the 2019 series Pegasus Market. Frightening Cohabitation is presently in discussion for a premiere via tvN in the second half of the year.

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