Lee Ha-nee, Lee Sang-yoon confirmed for new SBS drama ‘One the Woman’

Lee Ha-nee and Lee Sang-yoon will headline the upcoming SBS series One the Woman.

One the Woman follows Cho Yeon-joo, an unprincipled prosecutor who gets into an accident while working on a case and develops amnesia. With no memory of who she is, she soon finds herself switching lives with Kang Mi-na, a conservative chaebol daughter-in-law who looks just like her.

Lee Ha-nee, who last graced the small screen in the 2019 drama The Fiery Priest, has signed up to play dual roles and will soon suit up as as Yeon-joo and Mi-na.

Commenting about their artist’s new project, Saram Entertainment shared, “[In] this drama, Honey Lee’s [Lee Ha-nee] unique bright and cheerful energy will completely melt into her characters in the story.”

Starring alongside the actress is VIP’s (2019) Lee Sang-yoon, who will play Han Seung-wook. Seung-wook is a third-generation chaebol heir who is still hung up on his first love. He will cross paths with an amnesiac Yeon-joo.

One the Woman, also known as Wonder Woman, will be spearheaded by writer Kim Yoon and director Choi Young-hoon. Its initial broadcast schedule is during the second half of the year.

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