Lee Ha-na returns as police officer in stills from ‘Voice 4’

The trusty police officer Kang Kwon-joo is back! tvN has dropped intense new stills of actress Lee Ha-na from the sets of its upcoming show Voice 4

Voice is a police procedural thriller set in an emergency call center. It follows the call center employees, dubbed the “Golden Time Team” for their efficiency, as they solve crimes. The show is currently on its fourth season, making it one of the few existing multi-season Korean dramas. The upcoming season will be headlined by Lee Ha-na (A Piece of Your Mind) and Song Seung-heon (Dinner Mate). 

While the male leads of the show keep changing, Lee Ha-na as the female lead has faithfully reprised her role as the voice profiler Kang Kwon-joo in every season. She is the leader of the Golden Time Team and the head of the 112 emergency call center. In the stills below, the actress embodies the warmth and charisma of a true leader. 

Lee Ha-na in Voice 4_1.jpg
Lee Ha-na in Voice 4_2.jpg
Lee Ha-na in Voice 4_3.jpg

In the first still, Lee Ha-na is on the phone with an expression of concentration on her face, most likely putting her skills as a voice profiler to use. In the second still, she is shown wearing her complete police uniform, as if she is at a formal work event. In the third and final still, the actress is seen wearing a stylish brown overcoat as she checks the site of a crime. 

Voice 4 will premiere on tvN in June 2021. It will be spearheaded by series creator Ma Jin-won and director Shin Yong-hwi of Tunnel (2017) and The Great Show (2019) fame. 

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