Lee Dong-wook in talks to star in new drama by ‘The Uncanny Counter’ PD

The director behind OCN’s highest-rated drama to date is reportedly working on a new superhero series called Bad and Crazy (working title). Even better, popular actor Lee Dong-wook is being tapped to star in it!

On March 31, Korean news outlet Sports Dong-A revealed that Yoo Seon-dong, the director of The Uncanny Counter (2020–2021), is teaming up with Kim Sae-bom, screenwriter of episodes 14 to 16 of the same series, for the upcoming drama Bad and Crazy. A representative from OCN confirmed Director Yoo’s participation in the production, but there is no official update yet if Writer Kim will also join the project. Meanwhile, Lee Dong-wook’s agency King Kong by Starship also announced the day after, “He has received a proposal to appear in Bad and Crazy and is positively considering it.”

Bad and Crazy will center on a protagonist who has been going about their life as a snobbish police detective but later transforms into a hero for social justice when a hidden persona called “K” awakens inside them.

Lee Dong-wook is a multi-talented actor who previously grabbed the spotlight for his irreplaceable presence in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016–2017), Touch Your Heart (2019), and Strangers From Hell (2019). He most recently played the role of an attractive, human-guised gumiho (mythical nine-tailed fox) in tvN’s Tale of the Nine Tailed (2020), where he acted alongside Jo Bo-ah and Kim Bum. If he accepts the current offer, his collaboration with director Yoo Seon-dong and writer Kim Sae-bom will definitely become a project to watch out for.

Bad and Crazy aims to finish the casting process and begin filming in the first half of this year. The tentative broadcast schedule is said to be after the airing of OCN’s Dark Hole and Voice 4 and in between the seasons of Island.

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