Lee Dong-wook, Im Soo-jung starrer film ‘Single in Seoul’ drops stills from first script reading

Lee Dong-wook and Im Soo-jung’s upcoming movie Single in Seoul has dropped fresh stills from its first table read, confirming a remarkable lineup of cast members.

Aside from the presence of lead stars Lee Dong-wook (The Beauty Inside) and Im Soo-jung (Mothers), the script reading was attended by talented artists Esom (Samjin Company English Class), Lee Mi-do (Night of the Undead), Jang Hyun-sung (The Swordsman), Lee Sang-yi (Hitman: Agent Jun), and Ji Yi-soo (Diva).

Described as a romantic melodrama, Single in Seoul follows two people from different walks of life who are unexpectedly brought together by an essay about being single. Just as when they thought they were ready to give love another try, wounds from their past relationships reopen, threatening to put out a romance that has barely even caught fire.

Single in Seoul script reading stills - 1

Lee Dong-wook melts seamlessly into his character Park Young-ho, a famous essay lecturer and social media influencer with 300,000 followers. Admired for strictly adhering to his unpopular principle, “It is wiser to love yourself,” Young-ho enjoys living alone, without emotional commitments to anyone. As a single man himself in real life, Lee is expected to render another outstanding performance in the timely yet challenging role that he signed up for.

Meanwhile, Im Soo-jung showed a glimpse of how she plans to breathe life into the female protagonist Joo Hyun-jin. Having watched Young-ho on the sidelines as his college junior, Hyun-jin has become an accomplished writer in her own right. In fact, she is now the editor-in-chief of an essay series titled “Single in the City,” which will surprisingly pave way for her to meet Young-ho better and deeper.

Single in Seoul script reading stills - 2

Also set to join Lee Dong-wook and Im Soo-jung in the film’s promising cast are: Esom as an anonymous best-selling writer; Jang Hyun-sung as the president of a publishing company who, after coming across Hyun Jin’s “Single in the Seoul” essay online, recommended her to Young-ho; Lee Mi-do as a senior member of Hyun-jin’s editorial team; and Lee Sang-yi as a person who graduated from a prestigious university. Rising actress Ji Yi-soo completes the round-up of attendees as a member of Hyun-jin’s oddly-put-together editorial team. Though sharp-witted, her character is said to love drinking at parties more than reading books. In addition, actress Kim Ji-young (Exit) has also reportedly confirmed to join the cast as Hyun-jin’s awkward senior and an editor who runs her own independent bookstore.

Single in Seoul will be helmed by director Park Bum-soo who previously received favorable reviews for his debut work in the romantic-comedy film Red Carpet (2013). Under the co-production of DCG Plus, Myung Films, and Insight Films, the movie has already commenced its three-month filming schedule last November 14.

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