Lee Do-hyun, Go Min-si starrer ‘Youth of May’ drops first teaser poster

KBS2’s new Monday and Tuesday drama Youth of May excites its expecting viewers with its first teaser poster featuring main stars Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si.

The romance drama is set in a turbulent time: during the Gwangju Uprising that happened in May of 1980. It tells of the fateful love of a nurse and a medical student. Taking the spotlight are Lee, who plays the student Hwang Hee-tae, and Go as the nurse Kim Myung-hee. The two previously starred together in the Netflix horror thriller Sweet Home (2020).

In the poster released earlier today, April 8, Lee and Go are facing each other under the shade of the bus stop, while the blazing sun of May shines on them. The vintage feel of the poster also adds excitement to the story of their blossoming love. In the image, Lee is casually leaning against the post and staring intently at Go, who is seated comfortably on the bench. In addition, the street scenery that reflects the ’80s landscape also attracts attention. The information signs, green chairs, and the quaint stamp marks of black-and-white flyers attached to the telephone pole perfectly set up the background of the poster. 

Youth of May first teaser poster

With Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si’s onscreen chemistry on Sweet Home as siblings, fans and viewers are now curious to see how the two will pull off their chemistry in their new drama, but this time, as young lovers.

Youth of May is set to air on KBS2 this coming May 3, taking over the time slot currently occupied by River Where the Moon Rises.

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