Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyung starrer drama ‘Mine’ unveils intense poster

tvN’s upcoming drama Mine has dropped an intense legacy poster featuring lead stars Lee Bo-young and Kim Seo-hyung as women of strength.

Mine tells the narrative of strong women who fight against the discrimination and prejudices of society. The main cast includes Lee Bo-young (When My Love Blooms) as Seo Hee-soo, a top actress who gave up the spotlight after getting married to the second son of a chaebol family. However, she does not seem to fit in the world of the elites, who envy her and look down on her. Still, she tries her best to be a good daughter-in-law and to not lose her true self. Starring opposite her is Kim Seo-hyung (Nobody Knows) who plays Jeong Seo-hyeon, Hee-soo’s sister-in-law and the wife of the first son of the same chaebol family. She was born into the elite society as a daughter of another chaebol family. Apart from having a wealthy background and vast influence, she is elegant, intelligent, and rational.

In the poster, both women exude class and grace and, at the same time, fierceness and determination. Their dazzling jewelry and expensive clothing represent the splendid life they are living in. However, the edges and corners of the poster shine as if the two are inside a diamond, which indicates that the two characters are trapped inside their luxurious world. Still, the two do not show weakness and remain unwavering in the face of their adversity.

Mine is directed by Fight for My Way (2017) and Love Alarm (2019) PD Lee Na-jung and penned by Strong Woman Do Bong-soon (2017) screenwriter Baek Mi-kyeong. It is slated to premiere in May 2021.

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