‘Law School’ premiere draws 1M viewers, likened to a US TV series

A group of law students is about to resume its mock court trial when someone is found dead in a room not far away. Interestingly, a criminal law professor notorious for his brutal teaching methods seems to be somehow involved in the incident.

If you’re an avid fan of legal thriller series, the mere mention of law students, their professor, and a dead person might trigger a memory of How to Get Away with Murder. The scenario above comes from JTBC’s newest drama Law School and as some viewers pointed out on this K-drama subreddit, it gives them vibes similar to the award-winning American TV series.

A subreddit user named stitchrx wrote, “Total HTGAWM [How to Get Away with Murder] vibes but with Kim Bum yassss.”

Another user named roomvithaview said, “I really liked this first episode! Some stuff was kinda confusing but the characters are intriguing. I’m digging Kim Bum’s smiles and can empathise with Ryu Hyeyoung’s super stressed out student. Also, this seems like a reverse HTGAWM? All the focus on truth and justice through the law at the start. Looking forward to seeing more of the friend group and their stories + the unravelling of the mystery.”

Law School poster 2
Law School promotional poster

Law School premiered on April 14 with a nationwide TV rating of 5.1%, which translates to nearly 1.1 million viewers according to data from Nielsen. It beat KBS2’s Sell Your Haunted House, which also premiered Wednesday to an audience of 958,000 viewers.

The relatively strong viewership can be attributed to the series’ fresh premise that makes it South Korea’s first-ever legal drama with a law school as its backdrop.

In addition, the cast is led by Baeksang-winning actor Kim Myung-min and the production team by Kim Suk-yoon—the director of critically acclaimed shows such as The Light in Your Eyes (2019) and Awl (2015). Parasite actress Lee Jung-eun also plays a major character in the story.

Main cast of Law School
The main cast of Law School as seen during the drama’s press conference: (from left) Kim Bum, Kim Myung-min, Lee Jung-eun, and Ryu Hye-young

The first episode of the drama opens with law students—played by Kim Bum (Tale of the Nine Tailed), Ryu Hye-young (Reply 1988), Lee Soo-kyung (Where Stars Land), Lee David (Itaewon Class), and Go Yoon-jung (Sweet Home)—conducting a mock court trial at Hankuk University. They are asked to take a break, during which they discuss the case and murmur over what happened. Later, one of the students checks on their professor (Ahn Nae-sang) to let him know that the trial is about to resume, only to discover his lifeless body.

Yang Jong-hoon (Kim Myung-min), a prosecutor-turned-law-professor, arrives at the scene and looks around. He suspects that a murder took place. But how did it happen and who is the culprit? Such are some of the questions Law School‘s first episode throws at its viewers. And with 15 more episodes to go before the drama’s finale, viewers can expect more mysteries to be solved.

Law School airs at 9 pm KST every Wednesday and Thursday on JTBC. It is also available for streaming on Netflix within an hour after the original telecast.


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