UPDATE: Kwon Hwa-woon, Bang Min-ah confirmed for upcoming MBC melodrama

UPDATED: April 30

Kwon Hwa-woon and Bang Min-ah are confirmed as the lead stars of the new MBC series Please Check the Event.

Please Check the Event is a four-episode television project that follows the emotional journey that will unfold when two former lovers pretend to be together to head on a couple’s trip they won at an event.

Kwon Hwa-woon (Mouse) will transform into Park Do-kyum, the leader and vocalist of an indie band. While he seems haughty and feisty, he has a romantic side that comes out during the most important moments. He will be joined by Bang Min-ah (My Absolute Boyfriend), who will essay the role of Ha Song-yi, a woman with a confident and youthful charm. She works as a botanical garden coordinator and passionately believes her mother’s words that people are capable of betrayal but not plants. She finds herself struggling after breaking up with her boyfriend.

The drama’s production crew shared, “The casting of Bang Min-ah and Kwon Hwa-woon seems to have completed a fresh melodrama lineup. Please look forward to their chemistry.”

Please Check the Event is a work that received acclaim for its witty concept and interesting story development in last year’s MBC Drama Screenplay Contest.

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Original (April 23, 2021): Kwon Hwa-woon, Bang Min-ah wooed to lead new MBC drama

Actors Kwon Hwa-woon and Bang Min-ah might team up as the lead stars of MBC’s new drama Please Check the Event (tentative title)!

On April 23, Bang Min-ah’s agency Yooborn Company revealed to the media that the actress has received a casting offer for MBC’s new drama Please Check the Event and is reviewing it. Kwon Hwa-woon’s management company 935 Entertainment also announced that Kwon is positively reviewing the offer to star in the drama.

Please Check the Event will follow the emotional journey of former lovers who pretend to be a couple to participate in a couple’s trip that they won in an event. Kwon Hwa-woon and Bang Min-ah are reportedly in talks to play the ex-couple.

At present, Kwon Hwa-woon is part of the cast of tvN’s drama Mouse, where he plays a psychopath. The actor has also appeared in other dramas such as Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015), SKY Castle (2018–2019), Zombie Detective (2020), and the recently concluded River Where the Moon Rises (2021).

On the other hand, Girl’s Day member and actress Bang Min-ah last starred in the sci-fi romance series My Absolute Boyfriend in 2019. The actress has also appeared in the dramas A Better Tomorrow (2014), My Sweet Family (2015–2016), and Beautiful Gong Shim (2016).

Please Check the Event, which will be aired in four parts, is scheduled to be aired sometime around July to August.

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