Kwak Si-yang learns a lot from ““Chicago Typewriter” co-star Yoo Ah-in

Kwak Si-yang, who starred in the recently-concluded Chicago Typewriter, said in an interview with star1 magazine that he learned a lot from his co-star, Yoo Ah-in.

Kwak Si-yang said working with Yoo Ah-in made him realize more that experience as an actor is very important. He also revealed that keeping up with the character of Yoo Ah-in made him prepare every time they had scenes together as their roles had conflicting points of view.

Kwak Si-yang
Photo Credit: star1

Chicago Typewriter centers on the story of three independence fighters in the 1930s during which South Korea was under the Japanese colonial regime. These three people were reincarnated into the present time as a famous writer, a ghostwriter, and a big fan of the writer. Kwak Si-yang also played a role of a reincarnated individual. His character is named Baek Tae-min who is also a writer in the present time but is a pro-Japanese government official in the 1930s.

Aside from talking about his experience in Chicago Typewriter, Kwak Si-yang also talked about his experience on the SBS reality-documentary show Law of the Jungle. He said it was difficult to be part of the show but when he returned home, he realized it was great he was able to experience such as it is very different from the life that most people are accustomed to in South Korea.

Kwak Si-yang debuted as an actor in the 2014 drama Glorious Day. Since then he appeared in eight dramas including Oh My Ghostess, All Is Well, Mirror of the Witch, The Second Last Love, and Three Color Fantasy. Aside from dramas, he also took part in movie projects including Night Flight in 2014 and Familyhood in 2016.

The actor is confirmed to make make a cameo appearance in the eleventh episode of Fight For My Way next week. He will be portraying a character named Nam Il.

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