Korean Drama Ratings from September 24 to 30, 2018

Mr. Sunshine and The Player made a record for themselves—with the former achieving the highest average rating among cable dramas and the latter securing the highest-rated premiere in OCN’s history. Lovely Horribly also made a record for itself, but it is something that would not boost the morale of the folks at KBS2.

Korean Drama Ratings from September 24 to 30, 2018. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
Sep 30KBS2My Only One11/10025.5
Sep 30KBS2My Only One12/10029.3
Sep 30OCNThe Player2/164.876
Sep 30tvNMr. Sunshine24/2418.129
Sep 29JTBCThe Third Charm2/161.795
Sep 29KBS2My Only One9/10021.8
Sep 29KBS2My Only One10/10027.1
Sep 29MBCHide and Seek17/405.5
Sep 29MBCHide and Seek18/407.7
Sep 29MBCHide and Seek19/406.6
Sep 29MBCHide and Seek20/409.1
Sep 29OCNThe Player1/164.474
Sep 29SBSLet Me Introduce Her37/408.0
Sep 29SBSLet Me Introduce Her38/409.6
Sep 29SBSLet Me Introduce Her39/4010.4
Sep 29SBSLet Me Introduce Her40/4012.7
Sep 29tvNMr. Sunshine23/2415.419
Sep 28JTBCThe Third Charm1/161.804
Sep 27KBS2The Ghost Detective13/322.6
Sep 27KBS2The Ghost Detective14/322.6
Sep 27MBCTerius Behind Me1/326.3
Sep 27MBCTerius Behind Me2/327.2
Sep 27MBCTerius Behind Me3/326.1
Sep 27MBCTerius Behind Me4/326.1
Sep 27OCNThe Guest6/162.960
Sep 27SBSHeart Surgeons1/406.9
Sep 27SBSHeart Surgeons2/407.5
Sep 27SBSHeart Surgeons3/406.2
Sep 27SBSHeart Surgeons4/406.5
Sep 26OCNThe Guest5/162.899
Sep 25KBS2Lovely Horribly27/322.0
Sep 25KBS2Lovely Horribly28/323.2
Sep 25tvN100 Days My Prince6/166.923
Sep 24KBS2Lovely Horribly25/321.0
Sep 24KBS2Lovely Horribly26/322.2
Sep 24tvN100 Days My Prince5/164.362

Korean Drama Ratings: Highlights

1. Mr. Sunshine records highest average rating among all cable dramas. Kim Eun-sook’s drama ended on a high note by hitting 18 percent on its finale, achieving an average rating of 13.059 percent. This figure unseated Goblin (12.924 percent) and Reply 1988 (12.428 percent) from the top spot of massive averages. This drama just solidified writer Kim’s status as a star writer in the industry. With the success of the series, it is highly likely that she will collaborate again with Lee Eung-bok (for the 4th time) in order to produce a commercially successful and buzzworthy drama. Congrats to the production team!

2. The Player off to a good start with record-breaking viewership. OCN’s newest heist action drama has achieved something right off the bat, breaking the record of another drama to hold the title of having the highest-rated drama premiere in OCN’s history. The series started with 4.474 percent and went on to garner 4.876 percent in the next episode. If the luck stays until next week, perhaps the drama could break through the 5 % mark in its second week.

3. Heart Surgeons, Terius Behind Me neck and neck in ratings. The competition is tight, and although medical drama Heart Surgeon scored an average rating (6.8 percent, of first four episodes) that is higher than that (6.4 percent) of spy romcom Terius Behind Me, it is difficult to say which one is the clear winner. The numbers might change in the second week of broadcast, so until then the judgment can wait. However, the PD behind Heart Surgeons has an impressive record in Defendant—a thriller that knows how to attract more viewers for the next episodes—so it is not possible for the medical series to take the lead in the coming weeks.

4. The Third Charm records low ratings. JTBC’s newest Fri-Sat drama premiered last week with ratings below 2 percent. It premiered with 1.804 percent, but this number barely changed (1.795 percent) in the next episode, implying that the drama has failed to woo the viewers.

5. Lovely Horribly suffers from lowest viewership in three years. The Chuseok holiday has again caused some drastic changes in drama ratings, notably the drop in viewer rating of Lovely Horribly to 1.0 percent which is the lowest figure in free-to-air drama viewership since 2016, unseating Manhole: Feel So Good from the undesirable spot. The last two episodes recorded 2.0 and 3.2 percent, figures that are still low enough to boost the morale of the production team.


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